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It was the second Tuesday of March, just a normal day for the Nursery class. Little did we know that everything would change in a blink of an eye. It was a normal day, we were busy with our class, going on with our routine, and enjoying our day. Little did we know that, that day would be the last. It was a normal day, we ended our day playing and telling stories. With a blink of an eye, the second Tuesday of March was suddenly the last day we see each other face-to-face.


Days leading to this, families are already starting to worry about their safety from the virus. With the cases of people with virus increasing around the world, the president of the host country decided to close down school and establishments. But with still another quarter left, we know that we can’t just stop and end our school year just like that. While studying and planning for the best platform to use, we initially implement our Distance Learning practice.  We continued giving activities that our kids can work on at home while we, in the CISM community, are planning and studying the platforms that we will use for our students.

The following week, we started with the Seesaw platform where we assign activities, send videos, and give feedback to ensure learning. As we are transitioning, we started having one-on-one video calls, weekly, to keep in touch and help the kids transition in seeing us from the screen of their devices. As weeks pass, we knew that this lockdown will continue, and we needed to find more means to reach out to students and help parents facilitate learning in their own homes.

As we continue with our Distance Learning Program, we began to use two platforms: Zoom and Seesaw. We have our daily class using Zoom and the children use Seesaw to turn in their work and have addition activities that they can work on individually. Having young learners means they needed more guidance in manipulating the platforms. With this, Parents have gone the extra mile to assist their children in their daily activities. And we couldn’t be any more thankful for their patience and support throughout the process.


Much has changed in the past few months. Not only for teachers and students, but the entire community as well. Classroom learning has proven to be meaningful, but somehow our online classes goes to show that we can all adjust to this ‘new normal’ and still learn together. We still sing and dance in front of the screen. Games and learning is still exciting and fun, even through the comfort of our own homes.


Through this pandemic, one of the things that remain the same is how these kids look forward to school and learning. They take it on every day with much enthusiasm and pride.


And I couldn’t be any more prouder of how amazing these kids are. ❤️

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