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100 Days Smarter and Wiser

February 8, 2017 was a special day for our students; it was the day that marked their 100 days of going to school. This being said, they are now 100 days smarter and wiser. Since their first day of school, students are anticipating this event gives them a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

20180208_073423 20180208_073422

We celebrated this event with the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. We had different activities that also further develop their skills in the different subjects. The students also came in with 100 things on their shirts.

We started the day with a Parachute exercise with Coach Vance.

20180208_081912 20180208_08152620180208_082038

After the movement activity, we welcomed our special guest, Ms. Rica. She read the children a story.


For snacks, the whole Early Years had a picnic in the playground. The students were able to mingle with other kids from the different levels.

20180208_091326 20180208_091324 20180208_085756

After our snacks, we prepared Center Activities which incorporates skills from different Core Subjects.

We decorated a fan with has 100 written in Chinese. The children also learned the word and how to write it in Chinese.

20180208_100622 20180208_095715 20180208_095712

We listen to the story: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. They talked about how people would look like when they are 100 years old. They also predicted on how a tree would look like after 100 years. Then they made a tree mural on how their tree would like in 100 years.

20180208_101858 20180208_101751

On our last center, the students decorated their 100 Days hat.

20180208_104224 20180208_104609 20180208_104510 20180208_104501 20180208_104622 20180208_110807

To end the celebration, students were awarded with their 100 Days badge.


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Taking Care of Myself and My Environment

For the First Quarter in Science, the children have been learning more about themselves as well as other living things around them.

We started the year by learning about our bodies; we studied the different parts of our body and what each of the part does. We played games when learning about the body parts and talked about how each body part function. We had arts and crafts and made our “silly faces”. We even met Mr. Skeleton, and named it Boney Bailey. Also, we talked about how eating the right food can help our body be strong and healthy.

IMG-89e62f5a7e0afe417a1c738d205dbad0-VIMG-0e978215463f2cc930bfd4442b308bb9-V20170929_111710 20170929_111517  IMG-99d75424180e5fa7aadabf106f75aac6-V

IMG-3880728191ea64d59e24ba7d99a5bc13-V IMG-9029b085e1079174b5a121445cc4d66e-V

Of course, it is also important to discuss how we should properly take care of our own body. We practiced brushing our teeth and washing our hands properly. We had an experiment showing why it is important to wash our hands and how germs spread easily by just touching objects and even people. The Nursery children also enjoyed practicing how to take a bath. We used a doll, real shampoo and soap, to show the steps in taking a bath. The children even tried to bathe the doll on their own.

IMG-a7d4e0056646139af32498724f53d165-V IMG-32c0ec42cc04501299bee587fc2b6455-V IMG-f01b70cde01b8d6884a373de16391eef-V IMG-b29e362438df46f4ba2fa182428dac77-V   IMG-279ebeb448d10e4b6db647704253de5e-V IMG-07f873bf11c22da9be923b4b46f3d56c-V

After learning about our own bodies and how to take care of ourselves, we started taking about other living things. We learned that aside from people, plants are also living things.

We started with a plant experiment to show that plants are alive; they grow and that they have needs of their own. The children learned how to plant seeds. We took care of two plants, one was inside the classroom and one was outside. With this, the children discovered that plants don’t only need water but also air and sunlight. As their outdoor plant continues to grow, the indoor plant grew but as days progress, it also died even if we water it every day.

IMG-a8604bbc006ae2e8796e718023e92ad4-V IMG-f4ea805d9e05ab018c5f45d6a278b22d-V  IMG-a76d5741fe6c7e092d1687699d9e58cb-V IMG-e29cc343da8f2d49b6f581bd9df43382-VIMG-6e436330036eca5521a58fe8137e490d-V IMG-44a12a1cb5390fde1d9a7dc796983545-V

With the experiment and our discussions, the kids were able to realize that plants need care. They realized that just like us, plants need food, water, and air to grow and survive.

Our topics for Science during the First Semester taught the Nursery how to value their body and what their bodies can do, as well as appreciate their environment.

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The Curious Mind of Little Humans

“Questions are more important than answers… If I were a fairy godmother, my gift to every child would be curiosity.”

-Jeanne Bendick

In Nursery, we develop the children’s curiosity and analytical thinking by letting them be little explorers. Children are exposed to activities that help them think and practice their skills.

20160830_102403 20160817_095937

As a teacher, I try to teach my students that Science is not just a subject but a part of everyday life; being able to see that everything around them is a part of Science makes their learning even more meaningful.

20160817_095924 20160826_132341 20160816_100656

We started with ourselves and learned more about our body and how to take care of the different parts. We practiced taking care of ourselves regularly and also during our Center Time activities.

Nature walk activities not only let them appreciate their environment but also practice their senses and observational skills more.

20160921_100824 image-0-02-01-622412906a8bde23f6a87efb814fd88ccb244578dbe46e1ad2f5ebfa24fbf60e-v

Classroom teaching is just an introduction to what they are about to learn. In the concept of living things, having them take care of their own plant supplies further knowledge and understanding of the characteristic and concepts. Nursery children were able to compare the different parts of their plants as they grow. They were able to see how each week their plant changes from a seed to a plant. Learning these concepts are easier for them to grasp as the application and actual observation serve as a tool for comprehension.

image-0-02-06-999d170d6c4620242bcce82561b6d300c2d97a5cb9719183e23820cf776b95b9-v image-0-02-06-ffa9aca32d24c6f8ff96106a4fe95affc6fda9cf43ee61e70e89abafc8a2f1df-v image-0-02-06-b88dbd1055d099c698c0572ba0fcc282cda52688eb2c278efa9860698fc42f72-v image-0-02-06-b043465bec170aadd12af2803d8d6c8f6b375978edb4f462ff95990258624f38-v image-0-02-06-ac6b71db4eed172f520c54fafa5c7809829d9793005ad20b0500c85dfa09f2d0-v

Everyday these children get excited to see their plant; they have that drive to find out what will happen and question the outcome of what they see. It sparks their mind to investigate and be curious, which in turn leads to deeper knowledge.

20161108_101507 20161108_101515 image-0-02-06-4ad96722ba7da752c214bd93ea306bc18eeace58fbe7bbcc76d04c01f699f7f0-v image-0-02-06-da5f0d4e5a83fe4b5f82a8af9f3778a227889baa60391e94814688525ab7f6a4-v image-0-02-06-e70a75e691d447a34aff5f084ea6be2474d617b04de6caa55cce8b74e5bd0b71-v

With all these, it is not just about knowing and learning about the subject and concepts. They also get to have that sense of responsibility of taking care of themselves and of something else.



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