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April Showers

Let’s a take a look at some of the activities that happened this month.

The school launched the Anti-Bullying Campaign earlier this month, which promotes kindness and respect for others. Inside the classroom, we talked about what kindness means to the students. We discussed what it means to be kind and reflected on how they felt when other people were kind to them. The children gave examples of ways of showing kindness to others.

20180427_120534 20180427_120526 20180427_120601 20180427_120552 20180427_120541

As part of the Anti-Bullying Campaign, we decorated a Friendship Bench. The children decided on decorating the bench with their hand prints to symbolize their gentle and helping hands, while the hearts are for showing love for people around us.

20180423_104508 20180426_102959 20180426_103121 20180426_103426 20180426_104207 20180426_103904 20180426_115802 20180427_134708


The Nursery also had their Class Assembly this April; they shared their knowledge on the IB Learner Profile: Inquirer. They talked about Summer and shared a trivia about Summer in their home country. They danced and sang as they talked about what it takes to be an inquirer.

20180427_083723 VideoCapture_20180427-133130 VideoCapture_20180427-133206 20180427_085723 20180427_090236


The children were truly amazing and we couldn’t be more proud of their confidence and performance.


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Little Writers

Stories play an integral role in the growth and development of each child. Children build ideas around the stories we read to them. When they listen to stories, children use their imagination and help develop their creativity. As they listen to the story, they capture the images in their mind and even make up new ones that will help them recall and make stories in the future.


In Nursery, we have our usual read alouds then talk about what happened in the story. During read aloud, the kids are able to practice their listening skills. Listening to stories also enhance their vocabulary. Children hear new words every time stories are read to them. In turn, they ask about the word how these words are used, creating a wider range of vocabulary.

20180115_083121 20180115_081853

In class, aside from learning about the alphabet and writing, we also talk about how books are written. As the children learn about the Parts of a Book and the Elements of a Story, they also had an idea on how to make their own story.

Part of what the children are learning in ELA is how to create their own story.  They were able to come up with a simple story using the Elements of a Story.

20180119_084951 20180119_084954

They started by choosing character/s for their book. They gave them names, described how they look like as well as the characters’ personality. They also thought of where the setting took place.

20180119_131519 20180119_131528

By working together, they were able to make a whole story. One-by-one, each child shared what they want to happen in the story.

20180119_131506 20180119_131534 20180119_131540 20180119_131601 20180119_131549 20180119_131609

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All About Nursery

Another school year has begun and we couldn’t be more excited to spend the next days, weeks, and months with these amazing children. Let’s take a look on a day in the life of a Nursery student.

In the classroom, we have established rules that we follow in order to make our day to day activity harmonious. The children also learned about the routines we have in class.

A day in Nursery always starts with the children signing in their names and choosing their job for the day. Every day they get to be leaders by choosing their jobs or different task that they can oversee.


Then we begin with our Circle Time. This is the time where we greet on another, sing songs, dance, and check the Calendar and the schedule for the day. Here, the children get to see what their day is going to be and the people they are going to spend the day with.

image-0-02-06-4a3ada3b4ae9ed0c962c78770a8ffdaa925085f6ff5ed50e401a378983349684-V 20170831_105551 image-0-02-06-e3f9adcef606f7b13327ab85c83dfab3c48ac3a2046bb38e849c30131e82270d-V

After our morning routines, we start our lessons for different subjects. We stay in the carpet as concepts as introduced. Here, we listen to Read Alouds, watch videos, and also sing songs. We also incorporate games so children can enjoy learning through play. We also have Center Time where children go around and work on various activities such as art, writing, and using manipulative.

image-0-02-06-8f2398b7654d75bf6ff25db7813484406136679829ac9d6b34488c9bb5f02917-V 20170831_080354image-0-02-06-ed10fb3221e52d9c4342ebc49d13d1c5ed0a8146f177e1421ad79fac92b37a71-V 20170825_103611 20170907_081231

Every day children are encouraged to eat healthy food and after having our meals, we practice brushing our teeth. After lunch, we have nap time, where children can sleep or rest in our nap area.


We end the day by having an outdoor or indoor play. Through play, we build friendship to one another as we share toys in the classroom and play outdoors. Before heading home, we wrap up everything we’ve learned and say our goodbyes.

20170817_134915 20170905_133910image-0-02-06-4b0a748d75d9d603e59bda2b69f666f46a8c35c65cf7610fa5314eb798ccb9c2-V


Today was good

Today was fun

Tomorrow is another one.

-Dr. Seuss




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Welcome to Nursery SY 2017-2018!

Welcome to Nursery! My name is Ms. Mackey Molina, and I am going to be the Nursery teacher this year. I am looking forward to having your children in my class.

I graduated from University of Santo Tomas with a degree in BS Psychology and took my Certification for Professional Teaching in Miriam College. It is my second year here in Chinese International School Manila, and my sixth year in this profession.

A day in Nursery begins as we gather in the carpet to discuss activities and share information about new experiences. This is then followed by singing songs and moving around – to set the pace for learning through different subject areas.  After lunch, we have time to rest and take a nap. This will energize the students as they continue the rest of the day with more fun and learning.  Play is important in the development of every child; it is an essential part in early learning and we provide this as often as possible. I believe that children learn best when they relate learning materials to meaningful experiences. The children will have opportunities to play together before going home.  We end our day with an afternoon carpet time to wrap up and bid our teachers and friends farewell.

We look forward to a wonderful year of exploring and learning with your child. Please make sure that you read and sign your child’s Communication Notebook daily. This is where I will communicate with you by way of note, reminder or concerns that I have about your child and I invite you to do the same.  You may contact me any time via email mmolina@cismanila.org.

Thank you for entrusting your children with us. Rest assured that their best interest is our primary goal.


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English Week Celebration

Last March 22-24, the school celebrated English Week, it was a week where children participated in various games and activities that were linked to ELA. The celebration is to help empower creativity in students and further develop a love for the English language and literature.

We played letter bingo, where the children were asked to find pictures from their bingo mats beginning with the letter presented to them.

image-0-02-06-b415fa2eacd11fffcc7008aec2ea919624fe80b48bf1280a2906f9a9fc38146b-V[1] image-0-02-06-bad8ad6ab2f39d35557b1107b49e87d4fa9ef1ad4539d0830864bccf0f929246-V[1] image-0-02-06-80a898fbf389f1e4ce9208452c24662388b1c94bcc6069c5a6edce881b98c344-V[1]

We also played alphabet pathway; the children took turns in getting pictured cards and identifyed what letter the picture begins with.

image-0-02-06-679a6451de2f4913bd52a4f3d81a1ff80c9e13df4bb6ca8aad2637b0d757fede-V[1] image-0-02-06-6eb2bed335065b3b9298c4af2b768c593f23d1d3dcb15158b170064979dfb448-V[1] image-0-02-06-4d98b648dcc398a71bdd53008bd54bc1392311d3b7883cbfa8d2177991868f71-V[1] image-0-02-06-00edf448a56a07349ddb9cf92847612810b03c89d8dce8cd4dd9387f0efe78be-V[1]

We also had our own take on Read Alouds. The children picked their favorite book from the Reading Corner, and told their interpretation of the story to their classmates.

20170321_082419[1] 20170321_082514[1] 20170321_082846[1] 20170321_083253[1] 20170321_083601[1]

The children also made their own stories.

New Doc 2017-03-29_4 New Doc 2017-03-29_1 New Doc 2017-03-29_2


The English Week activities made the children appreciate the language more as they practice interpreting books by themselves and practiced their creativity and imagination in writing their own stories.

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Smarter, Wiser, and Brighter

The 100 Days of School celebration marks the special day wherein the children have been going to school for exactly 100 days. This day means that they are now 100 days smarter and wiser. Since their first day in school they have been anticipating for this as they feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment for having been in school for 100 days.

100 Days Banner

February 7 marks the 100th day in school and the Early Years and Elementary students celebrated with different indoor and outdoor activities.


The Early Year students came to school in their 100th year old self. They started the day with an exercise and had a parachute activity.

20170207_081307 20170207_081235  20170207_082601 image-0-02-06-1b9253533a60cec602eca02c7efc388ac9af20dc68976e924f06201832dbbd36-V


They enjoyed listening to Ms. Rica as she reads them the story: There was an Old lady Who Swallowed Some Books.

20170207_083841 20170207_084455

The children had fun interacting with other Early Years children during the snack time picnic.


They also had different center activities inside the classrooms. They showcased their creativity as they decorated their 100 days hat. They demonstrated their knowledge in math as they counted 100 fruit loops and formed the number 100 using their bodies.

20170207_095915 20170207_095238 20170207_095934(0) 20170207_100631

As we end the celebration, the students were awarded their 100 Days badge for being 100 Days smarter. They also decorated their 100 Days Smarter banner by throwing water balloons on it.

image-0-02-06-ac71a4ff43bd8f5b01f5ca76866b2f9c870d58408e1abca85e061a7c328f8cfd-V image-0-02-06-5252ea2e5b2362b04edebfd766ac7782cb1bf82fd29022b24b3b56320c62e2b8-V image-0-02-06-0512ace0484091b376358fb6127e2dafce77b6f1c18c4860a5e4c00af8936ede-V image-0-02-06-54a1306ae2712a45de99d8003a93d0d16bb7523ad266e12f05cd4d792c020dff-V

It was truly a fulfilling day for the children as they get to reflect their activities and experience from the beginning of the school year and now being more than 100 days smarter, wiser, and brighter.



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Chinese New Year Celebration and Sports Day

Last January 27, the school celebrated the Chinese New Year with the help of the Chinese Department; they prepared the children for the celebration through songs and lessons about Chinese New Year.

image-0-02-06-516ddfe899f4cb32e4cf7bf97e94a724db4b77a0ff0bcf275eb09e91cf69dadc-V image-0-02-06-48b6d8f8181057edeba7b3d1226dff90875ee5908ef9ec8f0f7882b3bf867033-V image-0-02-06-903dece2e4bb06cdd286877bf9174d7140d8980b88063042c50bbf947c49eb24-V

The nursery children was filled with joy as they watched the Lion Dance together with the whole school. They were truly amazed by their performance and excited knowing that the Lion will visit their classroom.

IMG_3136  20170127_090831 image-0-02-06-a03301b3ac2ee449cafaf0e39f3206373c94c652c2f69c15b445602af06688e3-V  IMG_3142

The children also had a presentation showcasing their talent in dancing and singing a Chinese Song about Animals of the Zodiac. They had so much fun performing in their animal costumes together with the Pre-K children.

image-0-02-06-878f6c8f76b0bd1e0347a19018896a3160b3ca8846b99c1b57c5d28f8fd6888a-V image-0-02-06-372b7df1bd204c0eda5f0ded2c837691cd684d019b7965848325ef77e7664182-V IMG_3191

After the morning festivities of the Chinese New Year, the children enjoyed playing games during the Sports Day prepared by the P.E. Department.

20170127_121503 20170127_121440 20170127_121447 20170127_121436

The children enjoyed the rest of the afternoon playing different sports and games with their fellow schoolmates from Pre-K and Kinder.

20170127_132929 20170127_132916 20170127_124049 20170127_124008 20170127_123957 20170127_123946 20170127_12411920170127_121858 20170127_121856 20170127_121440

The events from the two departments were a success. Children had fun learning and being exposed to another Chinese tradition, Chinese New Year. To end the day, they were able to display team work and camaraderie through Sports Day activities.

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Christmas Cheer 2016

In line with the season of giving, the Early Years and Elementary Years  had their take on spreading the Christmas Spirit through their Service Learning Program.

Together with the MovEd Foundation, children from CISM were able to spread the love and share with their new buddies.


Different activities were planned throughout the day. The children started with a warm up exercise and parachute play.

20161209_083011 20161209_083031 20161209_083150 20161209_083325 20161209_083204

Then, the children had a picnic and shared their snacks with their new buddies.

20161209_085242 20161209_085355

After having their snacks, the children moved to different places for the activities. They helped their buddies prepare a healthy meal.

20161209_091313 20161209_091324 20161209_091333 20161209_091818 20161209_091658 20161209_091531

What’s Christmas without a Tree, they all worked together to make a Christmas Tree that their friends can bring home.

20161209_093800 20161209_093725 20161209_093716

After a busy morning, these children were able to enjoy listening to different stories and also making their own hand puppets.

20161209_100130 20161209_095602 20161209_100242 20161209_100156 20161209_102230 20161209_102227

Working together on some Math and Science activities were also fun for these children.

20161209_104551 20161209_103744 20161209_104950 20161209_103706 20161209_103714

The day ended with our children giving gifts to their new friends.

20161209_112007 20161209_112012

The Christmas Cheer was truly a success as we get to see and learn from simple acts of kindness. It was such a fulfilling activity knowing that children are learning from what they are actually doing. They learn first hand on what it means to share, and what Christmas is really about.



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Math is Fun

“The only way to learn mathematics

is to do mathematics”

-Paul Halmos

Throughout the semester, nursery children are learning about numbers, counting, and other math concepts such as shapes and the use of positional language. But how does one really learn about math?

In Nursery, we expose children to simple math skills such as counting or number recognition as part of our daily routine. We check the calendar daily and they are easily exposed to recognizing numerals. We practice taking turns and counting to certain numbers and pass our toy to another friend. Those simple activities help the process of learning simple math skills.

During math time, we use songs and videos for different math concepts. The nursery children enjoy singing  songs and watching the videos.

Number Song:


Shape Song:


Positional Language:


We use movement and games to practice the different concepts that we teach. Different learning centers are prepared everyday for children to enjoy and learn at the same time.

20161117_095547 20161117_095518 20161117_095436 image-0-02-06-b34d81e9c9f146ade6c9385f7bbaa5ab0bb1be0da4ada630938447929c2456ee-v image-0-02-06-84bb4cf1b8c128c7df7bdb8594deca2e37ddddc02e80da446f025be0aee6dda8-v

Learning centers such as number hop, counting toys and shapes, sorting toys, and puzzles are included in our daily activities.

20160906_085147 20161014_092538 20160906_090359 20160930_102253 20160908_102857 20160818_095910

As much as we can, we make their learning experiential and meaningful for them to have a better understanding of the subject.


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Around the World in a Day with Nursery

“We are like a box of crayons.

Each one of us unique.

But when we get together…

The picture is complete.”

-The Crayon Box that Talked

CISM celebrated UN Day with the theme: Around the World in a Day. This event expressed the diversity of the school and how when we are placed together, we become whole.

The students, teachers, and staff came together wearing different national costumes during the event. The day started with the Parade of Nations; showing the whole school different nationalities and costumes. The Nursery children had fun seeing different National costumes or different countries.


After the Assembly, the Nursery went to the Travel Expo prepared by Middle and Upper School students. They were able to go around the world with the different activities prepared by the students. The children also learned something new about the different countries they went to.

The first country they visited was USA; the Grade 10 students made them experience one of the activity that Americans liked doing: camping. The Nursery kids had a camping activity where they made S’mores and listened to a story.

20161027_100554 20161027_100717 20161027_101334 20161027_101346

Then, they went to see Hong Kong. Grade 8 students introduced to them Cherry Blossoms and rainbow grilled cheese. The children made Cherry Blossoms using plastic bottles and paint. The Grade 8 also prepared rainbow grilled cheese for the Nursery kids to munch on after doing their artwork.


 20161027_104221 20161027_104214 20161027_104232  20161027_104208

Lastly, another batch of Grade 8 students shared their knowledge about Switzerland. Nursery children learned simple facts about the country during the activity. They also did some art activities such as: book mark making, flag coloring, and drawing.

20161027_110659 20161027_111956

During Lunch, we shared food with the rest of the school. The children were able to see and taste some of the food known to different countries.

20161027_123045 20161027_123035

There’s diversity even in Nursery as we come from different places. But it is also in events like these that allow us to see and appreciate the similarities and differences among us…

img_9459 img_9322

How we are the same and different makes us a class. :)

  • http://www.deped.gov.ph/