The I Can and I Will Wall

The creativeness of students was always observe during Guidance Class. As you visit the Guidance Office, make sure to take a look at the “I Can and I Will” Wall. You will see how students do tasks assigned to them during Guidance Class.



See you in the Guidance Office!

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The Key to Being a Good Friend

Friendship is the theme for the Guidance Class of the Grade 3 students this month. Students were given their own key to write on the characteristics of a good friend. Students then decorated their key.

cof cofcof cof

We then discuss how to be F.R.I.E.N.D.S:

F – Find something in Common
R – Respect other students (space, property, ideas)
I – Invite and include kids to participate
E – Empathy (Show YOU care)
N – Know when to support each other
D – Do the right thing (even if no one is looking)
S – Say you’re SORRY (everyone makes mistakes)

Here’s the compilation of their work =)

cof*Poster posted in the Guidance Office

Woohoo! Good job Grade 3 students! May you always remember the keys to being a good friend! =)

See you next month!



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Welcome Back Dragons!

It will be another year full of learning and experience! We are excited to meet all students as they enter a new grade level!

This year, the Guidance Department will continue with its Kindness Campaign. We have prepared the Bulletin Board for students to be more oriented with what we do.


Also, we have updated our Kindness Calendar for students, teachers, and staff to write kind notes to people in the community.


You may drop by anytime (Room 316B) or may send us an email:

  • Ms. Gabby (University Counselor) -
  • Ms. Gracie (Guidance Counselor) –

Again welcome back dear students! We know that this year will be an exciting and successful one! =)

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