Grade 2 MP

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Trip to the Grocery Store

Waiting for the others...

Waiting for others… finish buying and paying

…to buy and pay


Just before Holy Week, Grade 2 visited a nearby supermarket to put into practice what they have learned so far.  In Mathematics, the children tackled money, while in Social Studies, they discussed needs versus wants, and goods and services.  At the grocery store, they were asked to buy something to eat and drink for Php 100 or less.  They were allowed to get an extra treat for themselves, as long as they did not get soda and chips.  They were also asked to keep their receipts in order to check their change later on.



Eating and drinking…






In pairs, the children decided on what food and drink they wanted to buy.  They also needed to find out how much each one costed.  They made estimates and price comparisons with another brand to make sure that they did not overspend.  This activity likewise taught them the value of money.



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Asking Questions and Finding Out Answers

In Science, children have been asking questions and finding out answers.  In a lesson on erosion, they looked at a picture of a tree on the beach with its roots exposed.




They were encouraged to ask questions about it.  Most of them asked why the roots showed.  They expressed their ideas based on what they saw in the picture.  They also made a model or an illustration of their answers.


IMG_3542     IMG_3543


Next, the children conducted an experiment to find out the answer.  They thought about what materials to use like clay for the tree, sand and water, and the steps to follow.  Then they blew air on the sand, poured water and recorded their observations.







They watched a video on erosion to gather more information that could help explain why the roots of the tree were exposed.  Finally, they sequenced pictures that show how erosion  happened.


IMG_3581     IMG_3582


It was amazing to listen to children’s conversations!  They were encouraged to keep asking questions and share their different ideas.

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More About Indonesia

Singing an Indonesian children’s song


One of the last home countries discussed in Grade 2 was Indonesia.  Both 2MP and 2ML were treated with fun activities by Ling-Ling’s and Natalie’s moms!  First, the children learned a couple of action songs, one of which was similar to “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”


Indonesian traditional dance

Indonesian traditional dance


The children also watched Ling-Ling and Natalie do a traditional dance with their moms.  Afterward, they were invited to learn some steps and dance in front.  Then they were introduced to a garter game, in which they were taught how to make the garter by putting rubber bands together.


Making a garter

Making the garter for the game


In the end, the children tasted an Indonesian dessert called klepon, a rice ball with melted palm sugar inside.  A big thank you to Ling-Ling’s and Natalie’s moms for preparing these surprises for Grade 2!





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Mongo Seed Experiment

Our healthy mongo plants!

Our healthy mongo plants!


During the middle of third quarter, Grade 2 started to discuss what plants need in order to grow healthy.  In 2MP, the children were divided into three groups and they were asked to conduct an experiment using mongo seeds.  They planted some in the school garden where the seeds in the plant box were watered and were exposed to sunlight.  They also planted some in a cup of soil that was placed under a roof in the garden where the seeds were not watered but were still exposed to sunlight.  Then they planted some in another cup of soil that was placed in a dark area inside the classroom where the seeds were watered but were not exposed to sunlight.


Mongo plants with flowers

Mongo plants with flowers


The children recorded their observations every week and did this for about a month.  In the plant box, the mongo seeds grew up to be big and healthy plants that were able to produce flowers, fruits and seeds!


Mongo seeds inside the fruit

Mongo seeds inside the fruit


The children also witnessed what happened to the mongo seeds planted in the cups.  They noticed that although the seeds grew into small plants, their leaves were smaller and their stems were thinner.  Eventually, these plants in both cups dried up and died.


In this activity, the children learned how to conduct an experiment, how to record their observations, and most importantly, how to work as a team.








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A Taste of Heavenly Food!

This third quarter, Grade 2 was privileged to have a few parents drop by and share something about their home countries.


How to Make a Lamington Cake

How to Make Australia’s Lamington Cake


For Australia, Vivi’s mom baked a sponge cake at home, which was brought to school so her dad could talk about how the delicious lamington cake is prepared.  The children had a chance to roll their own square of lamington on the chocolate sauce and desiccated coconut… and of course, taste it!


Learning more about Australia

Learning more about Australia


In addition, the children learned a little bit about the history and culture of Australia through Jade’s dad and mom.  A map of the country was shown in class, which had pictures of animals and other interesting things about Australia.  The children also had a taste of the country’s yummy meat pie at the end of the session.


Making Swedish Chocolate Balls

Making Swedish Chocolate Balls


For Sweden, the children were able to observe Lilly’s mom make the popular Swedish chocolate balls.  The yummy treat was a mixture of oats, cocoa, coconut flakes, sugar, vanilla, coffee and butter.  The children could not get enough of it that they had to ask for more after tasting one!


A big thank you to all the parents for spending time with the children and providing them opportunities to have a taste of heavenly food!