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Taguig Barangays, Population and Officials

barangay – a village, smaller area or division in a city; Taguig has 28 barangays  

population – the total number of people in a given place (

government official – a person who has authority over a particular place;  Taguig has the following officials (

1. Mayor

2. Vice-mayor

3. District representatives (2) – members of the lower house of the Philippine Congress 

4. Councilors (16 for Districts 1 and 2) – members of a council (a group of people who make decisions for a city)

5. Chairperson President (included in the council)

6. SK President (included in the council)

7. Barangay Chairpersons (28 for Districts 1 and 2)

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Animal Adaptation, Life Cycle and Habitat

Adaptation – body parts or actions that help animals survive or get what they need


Life cycle of a butterfly:  egg – caterpillar/larva – cocoon/pupa/chrysalis – butterfly   

Life cycle of a frog:  egg – tadpole – froglet – frog


Kinds of Habitat:  (

  1. Arctic 
  2. Desert
  3. Forest and rainforest
  4. Freshwater and ocean 
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Writer’s Workshop and Read-Aloud

Writer’s Workshop

  • Adding pages to stories
  • Making a title
  • Editing:  capitals and punctuation  



  • Predicting
  • Analyzing situations


Spelling Words:  

  • Sight words, vocabulary words, r-controlled “i,” -ight pattern (misspelled words will be sent home for practice)