Grade 2MP

Reading Comprehension and Verbs

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  • Comprehension:  answering questions about stories
  • Sequencing events:  using transition words (e.g., first, second, third, then, next, finally, later, meanwhile, before, after)


  • Easter Break


  • Verbs in past form – adding d or ed (e.g., walked, jumped)
  • Verbs in present form – adding s or es for singular subject (e.g., boy walks, boys walk, dog jumps, dogs jump)
  • Verbs in future form – adding ‘will’ (e.g., will walk, will jump)
  • Special verbs that do not follow the rules above (e.g., slept-sleep-will sleep, wrote-write-will write)
  • Be (linking) verbs – am, is, are, was, were


  • sight words, final blend -st and -nd, vocabulary

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