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TAPSILOG is short for (beef) TApa, SInangag (garlic rice) and itLOG (egg).

TAPSILOG is short for (beef) TApa, SInangag (garlic rice) and itLOG (egg).


In Social Studies, the class welcomes the last quarter of the school year with the unit on Philippines – both as host country and home country for different children.  Just like the unit on Home Countries, they are learning about the 6 Fs – Flag, Famous people, Festival, Food, Folklore and Fashion in the country.


Pastillas is a Filipino candy or dessert made out of powdered milk and condensed milk.

Pastillas is a Filipino candy made out of powdered and condensed milk.


Children whose home country is the Philippines demonstrated how to prepare the tapsilog, pastillas and banana bread.  The rest of the class had a taste of each and truly enjoyed them so much!  Thanks to all the parents for helping their children prepare for this activity!


Banana bread

Sample slices of banana bread for everybody!

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