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Come One, Come All!

Selling markers

Special Markers for Sale!


In Social Studies, the children have been learning about goods and services, and consumers and producers.  They had an interclass activity with Grade 2ML.  In pairs, they were asked to come up with a good or service that they will sell as producers, while the other class pretended to be the consumers.


Salon service

Salon service, anyone?

Selling blocks

Blocks of All Shapes for Sale!


All ideas came from the children:  from finding a location inside the classroom, gathering materials and setting up their shop, to coming up with a price and strategies that they can use in order to earn a lot of money.  They were very excited indeed!


Selling rubbers

Used and Brand New Rubbers for Sale!

Medical service

Does anyone need medical assistance?


After the activity, the children were asked to reflect on their experience.  They learned that they could lower the price of their good or service in order to encourage consumers to buy.  They could also approach the consumers and offer their good or service instead of waiting for them to come to the shop.  They also realized that the look of the shop and the presentation of goods mattered.  In addition, they could put a “SALE” sign and offer discounts.


Selling pencils

Pencils for Sale!

Alteration service

Do you have clothes that need to be altered?


The following day, it was the children’s turn to be the consumers.  They were given $170 per pair to buy goods and services from the other class, and they were equally excited!


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Spirit Week

Who is your idol?

Who is your idol?


From August 30th to September 1st, CISM celebrated Spirit Week.  This was one of the most-awaited school events since everybody could dress up according to theme.  The first day was World Idols Day.  Students came to school wearing clothes of those who inspire them, from fictional characters to real people.





The second day was Class Theme Day.  Grade 2MP showcased animal costumes from the “Zootopia” movie.  Some even created their own accessories to complete their look!  The whole school gathered at the MPH for a parade of costumes from Nursery to Grade 12 along with their class advisers.  Finally, it was Throwback Thursday on the last day of Spirit Week.  The children dressed up as anybody from the past… including themselves when they were little!  After school, there was a video game arcade in the MPH featuring Just Dance, FIFA 2016 and NBA 2K16.