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Trip to the Ayala Museum

The only area photos are allowed

The only area where photos are allowed


Grade 2 went on its first field trip this school year at the Ayala Museum on November 17th.  As the children discussed about the Philippines as host country and home country for some of them, it was a good time to look at the exhibits on Philippine history and culture.


The Diorama Experience

The Diorama Experience


The Diorama Experience featured 60 historical events.  Ms. Ana, our tour guide, gave short but interesting information about these events and encouraged the children to ask questions as well.


Pointing out details in the diorama

Paying close attention to details

Asking questions about the historical event

Becoming curious and asking more questions


In the art gallery, the children were introduced to the styles of famous artists like Juan Luna, Fernando Zobel and Fernando Amorsolo.  They were made to appreciate the paintings by looking at them from a distance as well as pointing out details that added story to the artworks.  In the next gallery, the children saw lots of Chinese and Southeast Asian ceramics that were found in the Philippines as proof of trade even before the Spaniards came.  Then, they also looked at embroidered clothes worn by rich Filipinos in the past.  They saw how the fabric was made, and had a little game of dressing up a man and a woman sketched on display.  The tour concluded with the gallery on gold that were mined, designed and worn by ancestors of Filipinos.  The children were even able to look closely at the intricate designs through built-in magnifying glasses on top of drawers of gold jewelries.


It was indeed quite an interesting tour at the museum!  When the children got back to school, they reflected on, wrote about and illustrated their favorite part of the trip.

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United Nations Day Celebration

Before the Costume Parade

Preparing for the Costume Parade


On the 27th of October, CISM celebrated United Nations Day.  The whole school community was encouraged to wear any national costume to showcase in the Costume Parade.  The children also participated in the Travel Expo that followed, which was prepared by Upper School students.


Playing on a huge board game about Singapore

Playing on a giant board game about Singapore


The children were provided passports that were stamped everytime they visited a country.  First stop was Singapore.  After a powerpoint presentation, they were divided into small groups to answer questions on the giant board game.  Everyone got a treat for being able to reach the finish line!


Watching a mini-play about Greece

Watching a mini-play about Greece


Next stop was Greece.  The children went around the classroom as they witnessed a role-playing of the Greek culture.  In the end, they were asked to draw and color what they learned about the country.


Experiencing the night market in Taiwan

Experiencing the night market in Taiwan


In Taiwan, the children played a game on seasons, listened and answered questions about a legend and discovered the night market.  Finally, in Germany, they designed their own Christmas trees, played a little bit of football and tasted sausage.


Decorating a Christmas tree

Decorating a Christmas tree


At lunch time, the children  tried out food from various regions in the world, while watching a Spanish cartoon.  Then they cheered for their respective houses as student representatives answered questions about countries during the Lower School Quiz Bowl.  Their day ended with fun sports activities from different countries, as taught by the Grade 11 students.


Surely, the children had a great time learning about different cultures!  Once again, we would like to thank the parents for their participation in this school event – preparing their children’s costumes and wearing one themselves, attending the morning program, and preparing a hearty meal for everybody!