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2017: Year of the Rooster

Lion Dance

Lion Dance


On January 27th, CISM celebrated Chinese New Year.  Students, parents, faculty and staff either showcased their Chinese costumes or wore something red or gold.  Everyone was in high spirits as the event kicked off with a lion dance in front of the school building!  The two lions even let the children touch them and gave them treats!


The lion and the Chinese mascot

The lion and the Chinese mascot


Along with the drummers, the lion and the Chinese mascot went in to visit all the classrooms and offices.  This practice is believed to scare off bad spirits and bring good luck.


Ms. Sherry's Mandarin class

Ms. Sherry’s Mandarin class


Ms. Christina's Mandarin class

Ms. Christina’s Mandarin class


The celebration concluded with a program for parents and guests.  Ms. Sherry’s class performed a couple of songs, while Ms. Christina’s class closed the program with an upbeat dance number.  The children worked very hard to prepare for this.  They had a lot of fun and did a very good job with their performances!

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Celebrating Songkran Festival

Before the festival

Before the celebration


In Social Studies, Grade 2 continues to discover more about the different home countries represented in class.  The Songkran Festival is Thailand’s New Year celebration.  People splash water around as a symbol of cleansing to start the new year.  They also honor Buddha and their elders, as well as clean their homes from things that are old and those that they do not use.


Let the games begin...

And the games began!


The Grade 2 classes joined together to celebrate Songkran Festival with a water fight!  After changing into their swimming clothes, the children were introduced to the festival through a video and a discussion.  Then they got ready with their water guns and plastic bottles, and started to splash water on each other.


Getting a refill

Getting a refill


They also enjoyed getting wet from a sprinkler, as well as refilling their water guns and plastic bottles with water to carry on and make sure that everyone got soaked!  It was indeed an exciting activity for everybody!