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A Taste of Heavenly Food!

This third quarter, Grade 2 was privileged to have a few parents drop by and share something about their home countries.


How to Make a Lamington Cake

How to Make Australia’s Lamington Cake


For Australia, Vivi’s mom baked a sponge cake at home, which was brought to school so her dad could talk about how the delicious lamington cake is prepared.  The children had a chance to roll their own square of lamington on the chocolate sauce and desiccated coconut… and of course, taste it!


Learning more about Australia

Learning more about Australia


In addition, the children learned a little bit about the history and culture of Australia through Jade’s dad and mom.  A map of the country was shown in class, which had pictures of animals and other interesting things about Australia.  The children also had a taste of the country’s yummy meat pie at the end of the session.


Making Swedish Chocolate Balls

Making Swedish Chocolate Balls


For Sweden, the children were able to observe Lilly’s mom make the popular Swedish chocolate balls.  The yummy treat was a mixture of oats, cocoa, coconut flakes, sugar, vanilla, coffee and butter.  The children could not get enough of it that they had to ask for more after tasting one!


A big thank you to all the parents for spending time with the children and providing them opportunities to have a taste of heavenly food!





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Writing Cinquains



To celebrate Valentine’s Day, one of the activities that the children did was to write a poem in the form of a cinquain – a five-line poem invented by American poet Adelaide Crapsey, which was derived from the Japanese haiku and tanka.  





First, they were asked to pair up and interview their partners.  They asked questions to find out how their partners were as a person or friend, and what their favorite things and activities were.  Then they followed instructions in writing each line:  (1) friend’s name, (2) two adjectives describing the person, (3) three action words, (4) a four-word phrase about friendship or the person interviewed, (5) nickname or noun.  




Although it was a short poem, it was also a bit challenging to be limited in expressing one’s ideas.  Hence, it was a good experience for the children to write a poem such as the cinquain.