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Learning a Little Bit About Africa

This quarter, Grade 2 was introduced to the continents of the world in Social Studies.  They started off by watching a short video about a continent, and locating countries belonging to it on a map.  Then to emphasize how countries as well as past and present events relate to each other, they tackled either a current event or a part of its history.




For Africa, the children learned a little bit about slavery.  They were asked to come up with an important question about the photo shown to them.  Then from everyone’s questions, they focused on answering one question:  What is African slavery all about?


IMG_3696          IMG_3697

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The children read an article on African slavery and answered questions about it.


IMG_3686          IMG_3687


They likewise listened to the story “Henry’s Freedom Box” by  Kadir Nelson, which related the life of an African slave.  They watched a video about the salt mines where African slaves worked.  Then they took note of important information that could help them understand the topic.




The children did a gallery walk wherein they could see other children’s ideas in their models (mind maps).  They were allowed to revise their own models based on the article they read, the story they listened to, the video they watched and the gallery walk.  Finally, in their notebooks, they were asked to write an essay about African slavery and its effects on Africa.


Children are capable of exchanging ideas about the world, relating one thought with another, as well as working with different people.  All they need is the opportunity to practice these skills.

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Makers’ Fest




On May 22nd, the school celebrated Makers’ Fest which showcased the digital literacy skills of students from Grades 4 to 10.  They demonstrated how their creations worked – from robots and machines to other applications and games.  They also showed their skills in making power point presentations with animation, brochures and the like.





Nursery to Grade 3 were so privileged to witness and experience all these amazing technologies!  Of course, who could forget the treats that they got for listening and trying out these brilliant creations?  The children had fun learning throughout the day!  They likewise had a glimpse of what they would do in the future, and they really look forward to participating in Makers’ Fest.