Grade 2MP

Preparing to Become Scientists and Engineers

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What does it take to become a scientist or an engineer?  The Next Generation Science Standards (, which CISM adopts, aim to prepare children to become future scientists and engineers.  Apart from teaching essential concepts, the standards expose children to science and engineering skills so they can continue being curious about the world they live in, as well as become problem solvers and team players.








Grade 2 begins with  how a scientist learns – the skills, tools and method used, which are all important when performing investigations.  As children think about a question, they list down what they already know about it before making a prediction.  Then they set out to discover the answer themselves.  Whether they learn with a small group, a partner or individually, activities are designed to motivate them to take over their learning.  They are encouraged to share their ideas, listen to others, work together and reflect on what they have learned so far.  Moreover, they illustrate and write down their thoughts to help them remember and explain their discoveries later on.


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