Grade 2MP

Learning Mathematics

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CISM follows the Common Core Standards in Mathematics.  A lesson check is given after identifying the objective for the day.  It comes in the form of a worksheet with six items about the previous lesson.  In Grade 2MP, children check their own papers using a colored pencil to provide immediate feedback on their work.  In case of mistakes, they copy the correct solutions and answers so they know how to solve them next time.




After the lesson check, a new concept is presented in class, followed by a seatwork.  This guided practice uses a combination of two or more of the following strategies:  (1)  manipulatives or actual objects, (2) games, (3) whiteboard/notebook, (4) paired/independent work.  This way, children are able to apply the knowledge and skill presented as well as have that opportunity to learn from their peers.




Finally, the children set off to work on their own.  The results reflect how well each one of them understands the lesson.  Those who need extra assistance either have one-on-one or small group sessions with the teacher.  Moreover, homework is provided after every lesson so parents have the opportunity to follow-up at home.





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