Grade 2MP

Exploring Ecosystems

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This quarter in Science, Grade 2 engages in interdependent relationships in ecosystems.  The children started by learning about plants.  They conducted experiments to find out more about the parts of a plant and what they need to survive.  They also created models using junk materials to show how seeds are dispersed, as well as performed a role play on pollination.









To explore the world of animals, the children visited the school Science laboratory to see some preserved animals.  Ms. Madhu, a Biology teacher, very happily accommodated the children and briefly talked about these animals.  It was an exciting experience for the children because they felt like real scientists!





Then the children were introduced to the classifications of animals before learning about the different habitats where both plants and animals live.  Later on, they will discover how a food chain works and how plants and animals adapt to their environment in order to survive.  They will also realize that these habitats face serious problems, and that they can actually do something to help save them.  In closing the unit, the children will make models of these habitats and play a game on adaptation.



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