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Holy Carabao!

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On March 15, the second graders were very excited to go on their trip to Holy Carabao Holistic Farms in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  Everyone came to school on time and ready.  One of the things that they looked forward to was riding the bus with their friends!






At the farm, the children were very lucky to meet the owners, Ms. Hindy and Ms. Mel, who shared with them the importance of taking care of our home – planet earth.  They enjoyed a hands-on experience on how the soil at the farm became healthy again, and that was by allowing mother nature, rather than toxic chemicals, to do the job.  They saw leaves and worms in the soil!








When it was time to meet the animals, the children patted and fed the goats, rabbits, pigs and newborn piglets!  They were also in for a treat as they played fun games!  In groups, they searched for things that do not belong to an organic farm such as Holy Carabao.  They also picked their ingredients for a vegetable salad that they needed to present like little chefs, and bring a plant or animal, like a chicken, for the last game.






The children were shown where the soil is transformed into healthy soil.  They likewise visited the place where seedlings stay and grow until they are ready to be planted on the ground outside.  Moreover, they learned straight from the farmers while they planted lettuce themselves!






Of course, the children could not go home without meeting Kawayan, the carabao, and riding on its cart.  After lunch, they went back to school with big smiles on their faces because they had a wonderful time at the farm!





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