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  • Masskara
  • Pahiyas
  • Panagbenga
  • Sinulog



Fashion – Filipino traditional attire

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Home Country: Food, Folklore and Fashion

Food demonstration

  • China:  cong you bing and tomato omelet
  • Indonesia:  bakwan jagung
  • Japan:  sushi
  • South Korea:   japchae and kimbap
  • Sweden:  chocolate balls
  • Philippines:  calamansi juice


Folklore:  folktale - story passed down through telling from generation to generation that is believed to be true or is based on superstition

  • China:  Monkey

Long ago, Jade Emperor, the ruler of the Heavens, was unhappy that China was in great chaos.  He wanted to destroy the people but Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, suggested to find Buddha’s scriptures in India to help the people become peaceful and kind.  Xuan Zang, a monk, was chosen to do the job and was given the name Tripitaka, the Great Scripture Seeker.  In his journey, he met Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy who were cast out of Heaven for displeasing Jade Emperor.  They helped Tripitaka in his journey to be accepted in Heaven again.

  • Indonesia:  The Mouse Deer and the Tiger 

  • Japan:  The Two Frogs

  • South Korea:   The Tigers of the Kumgang Mountains

Long ago, a marksman went up the Kumgang Mountains to shoot the tigers for eating people, but he never returned.  His son did the same thing and met people with fangs, paws and tails.  The son thought they were tigers and shot them.  When he saw the grandfather tiger who was as big as a mountain, he shot it but was swallowed whole.  Inside the tummy, he found his father’s bones, among others, and the daughter of the prime minister who was swallowed a day ago.  He cut through the tiger’s tummy that later became weak and they were able to escape.  In the end, he married the daughter of the prime minister.

  • Sweden:  The Evil One and Kitta Grau

Kitta competed with the evil one.  She won when she made a couple fight.  The evil one had a deal with a merchant that if he sold everything in 3 weeks time, he would belong to the evil one.  Kitta met the merchant and told him to sell her as an ugly bird in a cage.  When the evil one returned, he saw Kitta disguised as the bird that was not sold and knew he lost again so he left.

  • United States of America:  Squanto’s Journey

Long ago, Squanto was one of the American Indians who traded with the Englishmen.  One day, he was invited by an officer to feast on the ship along with other American Indians, but they were taken to Spain as slaves instead.  He became friends with the Christians who helped him go to England.  He knew that English ships often go to his land.  He learned their language and became useful to them that they took him to their ship.  When he reached his land, he discovered that a lot of his people died because of a disease brought by the Englishmen.  Still, he convinced his people to live in harmony with the them and the American Indians taught them to plant and hunt.


Fashion – Below are a few traditional clothing.  At present, clothes have been influenced by Western fashion.

  • China:  cheongsam, foot binding
  • Indonesia:  batik for men, sarong for women
  • Japan:  kimono
  • South Korea:  hanbok
  • Sweden:  regional/national dress
  • United States of America:  Western (dress shirt, coat, trousers/jeans, boots, hat)
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Home Country: Famous People and Festivals

Famous People

  • China:  Cai Lun (paper inventor), Yuan Longping (hybrid rice inventor), Qin Shi Huang (king who unified the country), Xi Jinping (current president), Jackie Chan (martial artist and actor), Yao Ming (former NBA basketball player)
  • Indonesia:  Pratiwi Sudarmono (scientist), Yohanes Surya (Physics team coach), Sukarno (first president), Fatmawati (wife of Sukarno who made the first flag), Joko Widodo (current president)
  • Japan:  Ted Fujita (Fujita tornado scale inventor), Michio Kaku (Science popularizer), Natsuo Yamaguchi (politician), Daisaku Ikeda (philosopher)
  • South Korea:  Yi So-yeon (first astronaut), Hwang Woo-suk (stem cell researcher), Park Geun-hye (first female president), Ban Ki-moon (current United Nations Secretary-General), Kim Yuna (Olympic figure skater), Park Tae-hwan (Olympic swimmer)
  • Sweden:  Alfred Nobel (dynamite inventor), Carl XVI Gustaf (current king), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (football player)
  • United States of America:  Sally Ride (first female astronaut), George Washington (first president), Barrack Obama (current president), Pocahontas (made peace with colonial settlers)

Writing:  What they want to be famous for


  • China:  Chinese New Year
  • Indonesia:  Krakatoa Festival, Nyepi (Day of Silence)
  • Japan:  Hanami (Cherry Blossom) Festival
  • South Korea:  Seollnal (New Year)
  • Sweden:  Midsummer
  • United States of America:  Thanksgiving
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Home Countries

Home countries (except Philippines as this will be taken up next quarter)

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • United States of America

Flag and other symbols that represent the country