Gr 4 MR

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FUN-tastic February!!

February has been a fun month! We have had our Sports day and the Celebration of the Chinese New year for our whole school activities this month. Dog Coach, Francis also gave the students a visit to educate us all on proper pet care we can provide our furry friends at home and for our lessons in Science and Math we have been learning about The Earth’s structure and Fractions. Here are some pictures that I would like to share with you that show the fun learning experiences that we have had inside and outside the classroom.


Learning more about Rocks!


Sports day!

Sports day!

Our Fractions Board Game!

Our Fractions Board Game!


Our experiment on Volcanic Eruptions!

Our experiment on Volcanic Eruptions!

Watching the Dragon Dance!

Watching the Dragon Dance!

Dog Coach Francis!

Dog Coach Francis!

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Its the most wonderful time of the year!

Indeed, it has truly been the most wonderful time of the year! This month has been packed with a lot of activities that the students enjoyed. We had the Christmas Concert, Service Learning with MoveEd students, Santa’s Grotto and of course our own Christmas party. The students were so excited for the coming holiday and school activities but still they gave their best efforts in their school tasks and activities. In Math we continued to learn about division through various activities. The students enjoyed our learning activities through games such as the Division duck game and the boat is sinking. In Science, we continue to learn about our body systems and how we can properly take care of them. The students enjoyed our investigatory activities such as the stomach ziplock stimulator.


Also, the students went to Bahay Tsinoy for their First fieldtrip and gathered a lot of useful information regarding Tsinoys in the Philippines.



Here are some pictures of the students during our Christmas activities in school.





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On to November!

November couldn’t have been better! This month, the students continued to actively engage themselves in the learning activities we’ve presented to them in class. Even during the week long class suspension for the ASEAN summit, the students were responsible in getting their school work done. Its amazing to see the eagerness of the students to learn. To give you a glimpse of that, here they are in class!

In Math, the students are learning about division concepts. The students have been doing differentiated learning activities. Here they are working in pairs and solving problems in their worksheets regarding estimating quotients with the use of digit cards.


The students are enjoying the investigatory projects we’ve been having in class. Here they are experiencing doing things without the help of their thumbs such as writing, picking up objects and opening bottles. This was done in relation to our lesson on structural adaptations of animals. The reflection of the students reveal their understanding on how the physical qualities of animals help them survive.


This month, we also celebrated Book Week. The students enjoyed the activities that the Library team provided for them. They had archery, a storytelling and art activity led by Mr. Boulton and we were also able to see the great performances of the other levels of the various books they represented.


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Our October

Just like that, October has passed us by! Gr 4 MR has had a lot of learning activities inside and outside the classroom this Month. The students learned about other countries during UN day by having hands-on experiences in making food from our country and Korea. They learned about Australia and India through singing and dancing. Halloween wasn’t just about trick or treat for the students but they also gained information about Mexico regarding the “Day of the Dead”. Also, this month the students were able to learn about the IB learner profile “Principled”, and showed what it means to be such during the assembly.





Inside the classroom, the students displayed positive attitude towards learning their core subjects. For Math, we have been learning about Multiplication. We have gone from multiplying 2 digits by 2 to multiplying 4 digits by 3. Here are the students answering our Multiplication Dice game.


In science, the students learned more about animals in the ecosystem, with regards to their adaptations, survival, their relationships and how energy is passed in an ecosystem. It was very nice to see the students concern about animals and their interest in learning the said subject matter. Here are the students learning about symbiotic relationships and the food web. That was our October, We can’t wait to see what November has to offer!




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Splendid September!

Hello everyone!

What a Splendid September it has been! This month we had our Open house, Sports Day, Confucius day and the First Assembly by the 3rd graders. Along with the school wide activities, Grade 4 MR has been diligently working on their school tasks and building meaningful relationships with their peers.

For Math, we’ve learned about  Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication. Its amazing to see the love and interest for the subject and witnessing them truly put much effort in the activities of the said subject. Here they are thinking critically about their answers for our activity in Math.



Here are the students having their experiment and observing the interactions in our Ecosystem.  When it comes to science, the students are very inquisitive and it is nice to see how enthusiastic they are towards learning new concepts about our world. Good Job boys and girls!






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Welcome to Gr 4 MR!

Hello everyone and welcome to GR 4 MR! It has been a month since the start of school and we have had a lot of fun learning experiences! We are also enjoying getting to know each other and are all looking forward to being together in the coming months ahead! Here are a few pictures to show you what else our class has been up to.


Just getting our day started!


One day we learned about teamwork through the Dragon game.

Strengthening our knowledge in Math

Strengthening our knowledge in Math specifically about Place Value.

Working on our Science activity. Were learning about the different kinds of Ecosystems here.

Working on our Science activity. Were learning about the different kinds of Ecosystems here.


In the past month of August, we’ve also celebrated Spirit week which aims to strengthen our school spirit by practicing unity and teamwork among the students. Also, In line with our school’s safety protocols, we’ve also practiced our drills in class.

Practicing the Earthquake drill

Practicing the Earthquake drill

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Welcome letter

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Grade Four! We are all off to start an amazing year ahead! For this school year, we have planned fun learning experiences that will aid in your child’s growth and development. Along with the academic lessons, we also planned for learning experiences that will help your child become lifelong learners who know how to understand and navigate themselves through this ever changing world. We are all so excited to see all these plans come to life as we go through the year with your child. Along with this, I would also like to take this time to introduce myself.

I am Marie Antoinette C. Roxas. Please call me Ms. Maritoni and I will be teaching Grade 4 Math and Science this school year. I acquired my degree in Early Childhood Education at De La Salle University and I am currently working on my Thesis in the same school for my Masteral Degree in Educational Leadership and Management. This will be my eight year in this profession and my first year in Chinese International School Manila.

My mission as an educator is to be able to bring out the best in my students and establish the best possible learning environment for them. I believe that being a teacher entails providing the proper support to my students through teaching them their academic lessons and aiding them as they develop the proper skills towards becoming a responsible student. I truly believe that we can achieve this as long as we all work together. I am looking forward to making our relationship grow in the coming year in bringing out your child’s fullest potential. For any concerns, you may reach me through my email, and/or set an appointment with Ms. Kitin Conchu through telephone number (632) 798-0011 Local 103 or 116, alternatively you can also email her at

Lastly, please find attached in this letter a few reminders for the coming school year and the class schedule. Thank you.


Grade 4 MR Homeroom Teacher