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Dear Parents,

Welcome to Grade Four! We are all off to start an amazing year ahead! For this school year, we have planned fun learning experiences that will aid in your child’s growth and development. Along with the academic lessons, we also planned for learning experiences that will help your child become lifelong learners who know how to understand and navigate themselves through this ever changing world. We are all so excited to see all these plans come to life as we go through the year with your child. Along with this, I would also like to take this time to introduce myself.

I am Marie Antoinette C. Roxas. Please call me Ms. Maritoni and I will be teaching Grade 4 Math and Science this school year. I acquired my degree in Early Childhood Education at De La Salle University and I am currently working on my Thesis in the same school for my Masteral Degree in Educational Leadership and Management. This will be my eight year in this profession and my first year in Chinese International School Manila.

My mission as an educator is to be able to bring out the best in my students and establish the best possible learning environment for them. I believe that being a teacher entails providing the proper support to my students through teaching them their academic lessons and aiding them as they develop the proper skills towards becoming a responsible student. I truly believe that we can achieve this as long as we all work together. I am looking forward to making our relationship grow in the coming year in bringing out your child’s fullest potential. For any concerns, you may reach me through my email, and/or set an appointment with Ms. Kitin Conchu through telephone number (632) 798-0011 Local 103 or 116, alternatively you can also email her at

Lastly, please find attached in this letter a few reminders for the coming school year and the class schedule. Thank you.


Grade 4 MR Homeroom Teacher

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