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Splendid September!

Hello everyone!

What a Splendid September it has been! This month we had our Open house, Sports Day, Confucius day and the First Assembly by the 3rd graders. Along with the school wide activities, Grade 4 MR has been diligently working on their school tasks and building meaningful relationships with their peers.

For Math, we’ve learned about¬† Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication. Its amazing to see the love and interest for the subject and witnessing them truly put much effort in the activities of the said subject. Here they are thinking critically about their answers for our activity in Math.



Here are the students having their experiment and observing the interactions in our Ecosystem.  When it comes to science, the students are very inquisitive and it is nice to see how enthusiastic they are towards learning new concepts about our world. Good Job boys and girls!