Gr 4 MR

Our October

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Just like that, October has passed us by! Gr 4 MR has had a lot of learning activities inside and outside the classroom this Month. The students learned about other countries during UN day by having hands-on experiences in making food from our country and Korea. They learned about Australia and India through singing and dancing. Halloween wasn’t just about trick or treat for the students but they also gained information about Mexico┬áregarding the “Day of the Dead”. Also, this month the students were able to learn about the IB learner profile “Principled”, and showed what it means to be such during the assembly.





Inside the classroom, the students displayed positive attitude towards learning their core subjects. For Math, we have been learning about Multiplication. We have gone from multiplying 2 digits by 2 to multiplying 4 digits by 3. Here are the students answering our Multiplication Dice game.


In science, the students learned more about animals in the ecosystem, with regards to their adaptations, survival, their relationships and how energy is passed in an ecosystem. It was very nice to see the students concern about animals and their interest in learning the said subject matter. Here are the students learning about symbiotic relationships and the food web. That was our October, We can’t wait to see what November has to offer!




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