Gr 2 MR

Distance Learning

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Much has changed in the past few months. We went from learning through meaningful activities in the classroom into online learning in Zoom and Google Classroom.  Im happy to share that in both venues the students have shown that they have understanding of the subjects taught as seen in the work that they have turned in. In the beginning of this transition, the students had to learn to set up their zoom accounts, access files in Google Classroom and Turn in the work in the said website and all the students learned this gracefully. I was very happy to see the effort and patience the students poured during this time.It is also a reflection of the continued support that we have with our families at home.  Im proud that Grade 2MR has shown resilience during these challenging times and also adaptability in the changes that we had to endure. Keep it up, 2MR! I look forward to the day we can be together again!


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