Earth Science and Biology

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Plate Tectonic Theory with 6MS

We were learning about convergent, divergent and transform boundaries using snowflakes and cheesewhiz. It was a fun way to taste the boundaries and faults.

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Breaking News

The Grade 6 Earth Science students made news reports about an earthquake. They worked well in groups to write the script, shoot a video using their imagination and green screen, gather glimpses of earthquake disasters and put together to make an awesome product. Let us have a look.

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Trait Hunters

Grade 7 students were learning about the role of genes in governing the traits that living things have. Learning about genes gives a greater insight into our own traits, how we have inherited these, which parent has contributed to a particular trait, does it make us stronger in the environment that we live in and many such facts. At the end of the quarter, the students picked up a trait of their interest and researched about that trait being present or absent in their family members. This resulted into a Pedigree Chart. Here is a view of their presentation.

P_20170523_082236_vHDR_Auto P_20170523_082132_vHDR_Auto P_20170523_082707_vHDR_Auto P_20170523_082836_vHDR_Auto P_20170523_082946_vHDR_Auto P_20170523_084224_vHDR_Auto P_20170523_084626_vHDR_Auto P_20170523_084733_vHDR_Auto P_20170523_085006_vHDR_Auto P_20170523_085302_vHDR_Auto P_20170523_085451_vHDR_Auto P_20170523_085527_vHDR_Auto

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Genetics and Heredity

The  Grade 11 students in IB Biology are learning about the secret of traits and how they are passed on. They have studied all about genes, chromosomes, alleles, diseases that are sex linked and other hereditary diseases and factors. They are skilled to analyse karyograms and read and predict pedigree. As a reflection of their learning, they made these colorful posters. These talk a lot about their collaboration and creativity.

Jpeg  Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg

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The Cell Pizza

Grade 6 has just finished Cell Biology in which they learnt about the Cell Theory, different types of cells, structure and function of organelles and how to distinguish between different cell types. They learned how to mount their own cheek cells on glass slides and observe them under the microscope. They are a curious bunch and ask very relevant questions that create more learning opportunities. Our Cell biology culminated with baking a cell pizza and then eating it. They hoped to do it more often !

Here are some pictures

P_20170207_084529 P_20170207_084655 P_20170207_084713 P_20170207_084748 P_20170207_084713 P_20170207_084805 P_20170207_084805 P_20170207_085005 P_20170207_085012 P_20170207_102223 P_20170207_102405 P_20170207_102445 P_20170207_102627    P_20170207_102725 P_20170207_102824 P_20170207_102901

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Nutrition/ Fun/ Cooking skill

The Grade 12 students are at the verge of finishing their Biology SL curriculum. We are learning about nutrition. The daily dietary intake, creating a balanced diet and keeping the deficiency diseases away. We cooked and ate an Indian curry (Butter chicken, onion rice and naan bread- the healthy way) to thoroughly enjoy the lesson. I was delighted to witness the collaboration and proactive attitude of these young IB learners. Going to miss you guys so much !

P_20170119_120743             P_20170119_120752

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All the Best :)

Dear Grade 11 and 12 students,

Prepare very well for your first semester final exam. Going through the quizzes and formative work will prepare you well to deal with different types of questions. Kindly have a look at the subject guide and study guide, pay attention to the objectives as these prepare you for the kind of questions asked.

As you study hard, do not forget to rest well and keep yourself hydrated (drink lots of water). Move around, stretch yourselves so that you keep yourself going and do not fall asleep. Do not be stressed. Have faith in yourself and finally………. KEEP SMILING :)

Image result for KEEP CALM IN EXAM

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Practical Exam for Grade 11

The batch of  Grade 11 is a balanced mixture of “fun loving yet serious in studies” pupils.  They were challenged by a practical exam to identify and comment on biological specimens that they have been studying about. I am proud to say that all of them excelled. I proudly present my balanced IB Learners :)

Jpeg  p_20161011_113422  Jpeg  p_20161011_113439