Welcome to CISM

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Social Studies Project: Ziggurat Marble Run
Halloween Dress Up Day
ELA Learning Centers
Outdoor Play
Social Studies Trading Activity
Science Animal Research
Christmas Concert
OREO Party
Opinion Writing
Science Experiment
Service Learning
Library Time
Blue Day

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Math Activities

There has been a lot of learning in the area of Math. Given the different types of learners in the classroom resulted in different styles in learning math. Using manipulatives and games were a big help in making math fun the past few months. It was definitely challenging learning Multiplication and Division, which were new to most students, unlocking new vocabulary and techniques. Nonetheless, their hard work and perseverance allowed them to learn wonderfully.

The students are worked a lot on fluency in their multiplication times tables, having daily speed tests and worksheets. Mastery is the key, especially for the succeeding lessons in division and fractions. Words problems are always tricky for the Third Graders. But taking it one step at a time, they students are able to slowly do it independently.


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20190802_164311 Welcome to Grade 3SL! 20190927_072334 Grade 3SL Classroom 20190906_074431(0) Free Play 20190813_085100 20190829_093013 20190830_083132 Outdoor Play 20190830_094740 Science Experiment 20190902_113940 Social Studies Work 20190904_134924 Math Work 20190905_085427 Library Time 20191018_073346 UN Day 20191022_093540 Assembly Practice 20190816_11173120191022_113417 Grade 3 SL and 3JA

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ELA Activities

September has been a wonderful month of learning, especially for English Language Arts (ELA). There are a lot of things the students learn during ELA. We begin the week with a Spelling test which helps them with their reading and writing. After which, they focus on their listening skills during our Read Aloud activities with the teacher. It allows them to exercise their focus and comprehension skills in the different fiction and non-fiction stories that are read. From there, the students work on their vocabulary and spelling, learning how to get the meanings of different words through context clues in sentences. Grammar and writing is also tapped in this subject, learning different parts and uses of different sentences.

This quarter, the students are making their first Narrative essay. The students are going through the entire writing process, from brainstorming ideas to typing and publishing their essays. It is definitely a struggle for some, especially when it came down to looking into the details of grammar, spelling and punctuation, but in the end, the end product of their hard work is definitely something to be proud of.


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Welcome to Grade 3SL!

Welcome to Grade 3SL! 

Below are a few reminders for the school year. Please be guided accordingly. 


  • SCHOOL HOURS – 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • WEDNESDAYS – Late Start at 8:20 a.m.
  • EARLY BIRDS (7:00-7:25 a.m.) – Students leave their bags in designated areas along the first floor hallway, and wait at the cafeteria.
  • LATECOMERS – Students secure a late slip from the Admissions Office.
  • DISMISSAL – Students wait at the cafeteria.


  • MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS – Students wear P.E. kit and bring a CISM shirt.
  • FRIDAYS – Students have the option to wear casual clothes. Nail polish, make-up, jewelry (except for stud earrings), flamboyant hairstyles, and immodest style of clothes (e.g., short shorts, hanging shirt/top) are discouraged.


  • NOTEBOOKS – Label, cover with clear plastic, and return on or before August 16.
  • ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK – Check for notes, sign, and send to school everyday. Homework is assigned only when needed.
  • READING LOG – Daily independent reading at home is encouraged by using Library or any available books.
  • LIBRARY BOOKS – Students borrow and return books on Thursdays.
  • STUDENT PACKET – Supplies will be kept in the classroom.


  • LABEL your child’s things with his/her full name and class.
  • WATER BOTTLE should be sent to school everyday.
  • HYGIENE KIT – Students leave extra clothes, underwear, socks, small towel, comb/ brush, and apron in a small box or bag at school.
  • GADGETS AND TOYS are not allowed at school.


  • Healthy food and drinks (Chips and soda are highly discouraged.)
  • MEDICATION – Give this along with instructions to the school nurse.

Meet your teachers!

HOMEROOM TEACHER: Ms. Sofia Christina S. Lagdameo (Ms. Pia)
Email: plagdameo@cismanila.org
Blog: cismconnect.org/plagdameo

Pia handles the Grade 3SL Homeroom class. It will be her 2nd year of teaching in Chinese International School Manila and her 7th year in the profession. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education major in Early Childhood Education from De La Salle University and gained experience teaching children in Young Creative Minds in Muntinlupa. Being passionate for her craft, she continues her professional learning and development, to further improve her pedagogy to help different types of learners in her classroom. Her interest in the field of education led her to continue further studies abroad. She gained her Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of New South Wales in Australia in 2017.

MANDARIN TEACHER: Mavi Arenas (Ya Lao Shi)
Email: marenas@cismanila.org

Mavi is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Education Major in Mandarin from Hua Qiao University in Xiamen, Fujian, China. He has 8 years experience in teaching Mandarin to Early years and Elementary school students. He enjoys traveling with his friends abroad and immerses himself with the local culture. He believes that students should be the center of learning. It has always been his goal to make the children’s learning experience fun and meaningful.

MUSIC TEACHER: Ronald Peter T. Palma (Mr. Ronald)
Email: rpalma@cismanila.org

Ronald holds a Bachelor of Music Major in Guitar degree from Centro Escolar University. In 2014, he earned his Master of Music in Performance: Guitar Arranging and Orchestration degree at IISF Nagoya Japan. Ronald has been teaching music for more than 15 years. This is his first year at CISM, and he is very excited to share his knowledge and God given talents with his students. He is married and has a son and a daughter.

VISUAL ARTS TEACHER: Nelson Suarez (Mr. Nelson)
Email: nsuarez@cismanila.org

Nelson Suarez teaches Visual Arts to elementary students at CISM. He is very passionate about creating Artwork and sharing his enthusiasm, skills, and values to educate young students. He also has a background as a Math teacher in the United States, graduated (2006) from the California Polytechnic University of Pomona in Pomona, California with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, and holds a Professional Engineering License. His technical background and life-long interest in the visual arts has enabled him to structure his work and teaching in a very clear and methodical way, making it engaging and fun, simple to understand and emulate. He believes it is important for young students to develop art skills and appreciation; nonetheless, he emphasizes the importance of original work, exploration, idea creation, imagination, expression, and even beauty that visual arts provides to his students empowering them to make a difference in their own lives and the world around them.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER: Zuriel Castro (Coach Zuriel)
Email: zcastro@cismanila.org

Coach Zuriel handles the Physical Education class. He holds a Bachelor of Physical Education degree from the University of the Philippines, Diliman and is taking his Master’s degree in Human Movement Science from the same university. He has been teaching Physical Education for 5 years and it will be his 1st year teaching at Chinese International School Manila.

DIGITAL LITERACY TEACHER: Azenith Martinez (Ms. Zen)
Email: amartinez@cismanila.org

Zen Martinez is the current Lower School Digital Literacy Teacher for Grades 1 to 4. She graduated from University of the Philippines. Zen taught Digital Literacy in the Upper School division of Chinese International School Manila (CISM) from 2016 to 2019. She is a Google Certified Educator. Zen loves teaching and learning about Digital Citizenship, Google Apps, Scratch, Makey Makey, Robotics, and MIT App Inventor.

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Dear Grade 3SL

Dear Grade 3SL,

This year was a little different for me as a teacher. It was a transition for me, from teaching younger children to 8 and 9 year olds. But with everything we’ve been through together the past 10 months, I will never forget how from being strangers in one room, we’ve grown to be like family.

It wasn’t always easy being your teacher. You were an opinionated bunch, speaking your mind all the time! At times, it would be challenging, especially when you would get too chatty! But the fact that you would express your thoughts showed how you would think critically. I was impressed how you would use prior knowledge and solve problems on your own. Repeating instructions or answering questions related to what I just mentioned earlier would be frustrating at times, but it just shows that you want to learn and do your best always. It was wonderful understanding the way each of you think differently.

Academics was not always easy. There were a lot of challenging topics we faced this year. Yet, we still got through it! Each of us gathered the patience to help those who needed it. We worked together as a team and tried our best to explain for others to understand. Thank you very much for all the effort you put in your work. I hope you don’t ever forget–”It’s okay to not know but it’s not okay to not try”. In whatever obstacles you face in school or in life, look back at this.

If there is one thing I want you to remember and live by, it would be the simple words you would play with on my desk. It is to be kind. I hope you learned from me as much as I learned from you this year. Have a wonderful summer! :)
Much love,
Ms. Pia

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May 2019

There were two main things that were focused on in the 3SL class this school year. One was kindness and the other was independent learning. As the school year is about to end, I’m proud to say that the students have grown so be more kind to each other in words and actions. Their patience was tested many times, but with much practice, the class grew as one. Those who were not very close at the beginning have become good friends, they welcomed new students, and learned how to work as a team. Despite the little fights and arguments that happened, the students of 3SL learned how to solved things logically and fairly, without the help of the teacher. As the school year is about to end, I hope the friendships made in this class remain and continue to grow.

20180808_101515 20181004_090310(0)  20181129_084826 20181211_094742 20190115_133726 20190314_084350




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April 2019

This month, CISM expressed their love for reading and math as they celebrated English and Math Week. English Week was held from April 10-12. The students dressed up as their favorite book characters and showcased the favorite quote of their character. 20190410_083218 20190410_083226 20190410_083256 20190410_083318 20190410_083342 20190410_083418 20190410_083632 20190410_084246 20190410_084305 20190410_084311

They had a story telling activity by Anca Bautista, where she read “The Gruffalo” and “Where The Wild Things Are.” We ended the week with a Spelling Bee between the 3SL and 3BR classes, which they very much enjoyed.

20190412_103859 20190412_105550

Math Week was held from April 22-26. The children made polygon art, learning that math is not all about numbers, but can be made into beautiful pieces as well. They were also challenged with daily brain teasers and puzzle challenges. The grade 3 quiz bee wrapped up Math Week, where the students were tested with what they learned throughout the past school year. They enjoyed the challenge and appreciated the math problems all around us.

20190425_073651 20190425_125001 20190425_125046 20190425_125055

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March 2019


As we end the third quarter, the third grade students are working towards being more independent learners. They are constantly improving on doing research on their own and working cooperatively with peers.



We wrapped up what we learned about Mesopotamia, designing and creating their own chariots. The children also had a role playing activity in Social Studies where they made their script, making their props, and did a wonderful job reenacting the Epic of Gilgamesh.



Science was interesting because the students were able to do research about their assigned dinosaur, make a powerpoint presentation, and individually present in front of the class. Each member of the class also gave feedback so that they can improve on the content of their presentation, as well as the confidence in speaking in front of a group.

For math, we finished our topic on fractions and moved to the next topic, Time. They struggled in solving time interval word problems, but once explained step by step, each slowly improved. Next month, we will continue studies different types of measurement such as measuring length, mass, and weight.


This month, we also completed the content in our Journeys books. The students significantly improved from the beginning of the year, especially in terms of comprehension and getting evidence to support their explanations. We are now learning about Information Writing for ELA, where we will focus a lot of using proper resources and translating this to proper grammar and writing.




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February 2019

Last February 27, the third grade students had their field trip to the National Museum of the Philippines, the National Museum of Natural History and the Planetarium. The students arrived in CISM and were very excited for the adventure to the different museums.

20190227_093909 20190227_100349

In line with our lessons in social studies, we visited the Museum of the Filipino People exhibiting archaeological finds before the Spanish colonization and the Philippine’s rich cultural heritage. This field trip was also in line with our lessons in science as the children explored the new National History building showcasing different plants and animals around the Philippines, as well as the newly renovated Planetarium which showed a true to life projection of astronomical bodies. It was definitely a meaningful and insightful experience for our hands on learners, which allowed them to connect what what they see in the exhibits to what we learned in class.

20190227_100929 20190227_102608 20190227_103008 20190227_103822 20190227_111453 20190227_113522

It was amazing to see what they learned throughout the past months. Recalling their lessons about Early Humans and Philippine History, the students were very interested to see the different artifacts displayed, and they made connections with what animals they saw to what we learned in science class.

20190227_113633 20190227_113816 20190227_114221 20190227_115051 20190227_114655 20190227_115056 20190227_115145 20190227_121239


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