Welcome to Pre-K!


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Dear Parents,


Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten!


I am Ms. Cammy Legaspi and I will be your child’s homeroom teacher this school year. I graduated from University of Asia and the Pacific with a degree in Early Childhood and Education.  I also finished my Master’s Degree on Early Childhood Development and Education in the same institution. I have been in this profession for eight years and this is my fourth year here in Chinese International School Manila.

Let me share with you a few points about my teaching philosophy. I believe that as an educator, my responsibility is to educate each and every child under my care.  This aim on being able to educate goes beyond teaching.  Teaching only imparts a specific knowledge or skill, while educating goes beyond it. I also believe in the interactive and formative approach to teaching wherein each and every child’s holistic development (cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and even spiritual) is taken into consideration. That being said, I view the child as an active learner – learning through self-discovery and exploration. In order to foster these developments, my role as a teacher, is to provide an enriching and stimulating environment for the children.

I am excited about the journey of fun and learning this year.  Rest assured that our priority will always be for your child’s best interest in developing his/her utmost potential. Thank you for entrusting your child with us. You may get in touch with me through the Communication Notebook, my e-mail (plegaspi@cismanila.org), or by setting an appointment with our Executive Secretary, Ms. Kitin Conchu (mconchu@cismanila.org).


Warm regards,

Cammy Legaspi

Pre-K Homeroom Teacher

Here are some key points I would like to share with you:



  • Timetable attached in their communication notebooks – Dismissal is at 2:15 PM
  • Club Day – Dismissal is at 3:30 PM
  • Please pick up your child in a timely fashion.


  • School Uniform (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) - Maroon  and yellow  school  polo  shirt,  khaki  pants  for  boys  and khaki  skirt  for  girls  with white socks and black  leather shoes.
  •  PE Uniform (Mondays and Thursdays) - CISM PE shirt and maroon shorts with white socks and rubber shoes. Please have your child bring a face towel to wipe off sweat and their complete uniform to change intoafter.
  •  Free Dress Friday (Fridays) - Casual clothes.  However, they should dress smartly and appropriately – no high heels or anything that may compromise their comfort safety.


  • This should be coursed through the school nurse.


  • Please pack healthy snacks and lunch for your child to be placed in a reusable plastic container to avoid spillage and easier use. This will allow your child to open his snack on his own, teaching responsibility and independence.
  • For packed rice meals, may I kindly suggest that food be cut-up to bite size pieces to avoid delay and give your child ample time to eat.
  • Please have your child bring a water bottle everyday.


  • Bean bags for the children are provided. You may also send in blankets or pillows.


  • Please send a grooming kit (baby cologne/powder, hair brush, alcohol, wet wipes and an extra set of clothes, including underwear, in case of accidents) with name labels to be left in their cubbyholes.


  • Children would get anxious when they lose little things. To avoid mix-ups and losses, please label all of your child’s things.


  • Please cover all of your child’s notebooks with plastic cover. These will be sent on the first day of school, Monday, August 7 and to be returned the following week, 14th of August.


  • Communication Notebook – We invite you to keep our communication open for concerns as well as to share your child’s successes.
  • Email – plegaspi@cismanila.org
  • Blog – cismconnect.org/plegaspi
  • There is no homework for Pre-Kindergarten except for daily reading time and sight word review (in the succeeding quarters).


  • To be returned every Monday


  • Over the remainder of the course of the year, the school will be celebrating various events. We hope to see you actively participate in these. Children take great pride in having their parents become a part of their school lives. This influences their disposition on school and learning.


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