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Happy New Year! Oh what a great way to start the year by welcoming a new member to our Pre-K Family. We decided to get a class pet turtle. We named him “danger” because we all agreed that he is very “makulit” (naughty). We are looking forward to spending the rest of our school year with him!

IMG_7483 IMG_7487 IMG_7502

We’ve been discussing all about animals in our Science class so we were all very excited to have a class pet. Before anything else, our teacher talked to us about Pet Care. Having a pet is not easy! It’s like having a baby in our classroom.

IMG_7515 IMG_7552

Pets also need love and care. We connected what we know about living things and plotted out what our pet “danger” might need. We found out that just like humans and plants, animals need food, shelter, water, and air to live.  IMG_7563



We also thought about the different ways we can care for our pet. This means learning how we should wash our hands before and after playing with him. He also needs to be able to walk around and not be locked up in a cage so we make sure to take him out at least once a day. Sometimes, we even take him with us during play time.

IMG_7598 IMG_7702 IMG_7706

We also learned how he needs to be fed everyday to keep him alive. Of course, we also learnt how to clean his house. We are all very happy to have “danger” in our class!

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