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We are Readers!

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¬†During our first few days, we told our teacher that we didn’t want to read because we couldn’t yet. So, we dedicated our first couple of months in Pre-Kindergarten to developing our love for reading.


We started by talking about why we need to read and how helpful reading is to our everyday lives. We realized how truly important reading is!


Our teacher tried to trick us by showing us some logos or what we call “environmental print”. She then asked us to identify what each print was, and we were able to identify all. She said that being able to recognize all these was already reading! We didn’t know there were a lot of things around us that we can already read!



We like to read lots of books in our classroom. Sometimes we read in pairs, sometimes we read on our own, and sometimes we even get to read a book to the entire class. Reading is a lot of fun! We also talked about what Authors and Illustrators are and how they are important in making books that we all read today.

IMG_1363 IMG_1364 IMG_1365

A part of reading is being able to identify the difference between words and pictures. That was the easy part! We then discussed the difference between letters, words, and then sentences. Soon enough, we were pros at identifying one from the other.


IMG_1373[1] IMG_1374[1]IMG_1371

As weeks went by, we were able to slowly recognize the different labels around our classroom. We realized that reading isn’t too difficult after all! The easiest to learn to read was our friends’ names.


One of the other things that we learn in Pre-Kindergarten is knowing how to identify “Camera Words”. Camera Words are words that we are able to the first time we see it. We learn it by looking at the word, taking a picture of it in our heads, and keeping it there so that the next time we see this word, we can easily identify it. We won’t even need to sound out the letters.




One of the first few things we need to learn before we can sound out words is knowing the letters and the sounds that each letter makes. We learn about beginning sounds as we talk about our letter focus for each week.

IMG_1270 IMG_1271

IMG_1273 IMG_1275 IMG_1276


We play lots of fun games to help us learn more about the different letters and the sounds that it has.

IMG_1011 IMG_1019IMG_1282IMG_1305

Some of us can already identify the beginning, middle and ending sound of words! We really enjoy reading lots of different books as we try to figure out what each word says. Our teacher told us that sometimes, if we have a hard time reading a word, we can use the pictures to help us make sense of it.

Reading is so much fun! We will all soon be super readers!

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