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Happy Diwali!

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This week, our class celebrated Diwali, a Hindu festivity known as “The Festival of Lights” which will be on the 7th of November. We decided to celebrate it early since we will be having a week-long Holiday for Halloween. We learned a lot of things about the Hindu culture and as well as how Diwali is Traditionally celebrated in different regions.



Our classroom was decorated with lights and candles to represent what Diwali is all about – the victory of good over evil. The lights also symbolize happiness, prosperity and and good fortune.


 We also learned about the Bindi. A Bindi literally means “dot” or “drop”. It is placed between the eyebrows which is associated with  person’s “third (or special) eye” to remind one another in the society to see through the mind’s eye and see the bigger picture of life.


IMG_7339 IMG_3040IMG_3034IMG_3031IMG_3029We also got to try out traditional clothes from India. During Diwali, people would buy different cloth to make clothes for the special occasion. These were colourful and sparkly. 

IMG_3059IMG_3046Diwali is also a time for sharing. People would usually organize feats at their homes and give gifts to their friends and loved ones. We also got a chance to try a special type of flat bread from India called “Roti”, which we really loved! Indian food is delicious!


We also decorated our hands with a special type of body art from the Hindu culture called “Mehndi”. The ink used for this is from a special type of herb that is believed to have medicinal properties. People in the Hindu culture would usually decorate their hands and feet especially during big celebrations.

IMG_3111 IMG_3075We also learned that during Diwali, women would usually decorate the outside of their homes with colourful powder to form different patterns called Rangoli. It is placed outside of the house to not only welcome guests but also to welcome good luck and fortune into one’s home.


We had such an amazing time celebrating Diwali!

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