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It’s halfway through the school year and all of us have already proven how truly great writers we are. We have been practicing how to be good writers since the first day of school. Writing is not just about knowing how to write and form our letters properly.¬†As good and growing writers, we write not just for the sake of writing. We are able to practice our writing skills in everything that we do. This is called meaningful writing – writing with a purpose and embedding it in our everyday lives.

IMG_4506After we read our passwords in the morning, we continue on answering our Question of the Day wherein we write down our answers on a piece of paper. We try our hardest to do this independently, but sometimes we need our teacher’s help.


IMG_4503 IMG_4505During the first few weeks of school, our answers were mainly drawing, but now, we are able to spell and sound out some of the words that we know.

IMG_4549 IMG_4550


Writing is not just all about knowing how to form our letters properly. We believe that we have worked hard almost mastering this skill. We do a lot of fun activities to help us with our letter formation. One of our favourites is doing our Letter Art. Oh what a fun way to learn our letters!

IMG_4522 IMG_4523 IMG_4529

We are slowly levelling up to writing just the beginning sounds of words to spelling REAL words. We first had to master identifying what the beginning, middle, and ending sounds are. We found this task pretty easy so we would sometimes challenge ourselves to spell an entire word by ourselves!

IMG_4517 IMG_4519

We are also able to connect our reading skills to our writing. Our teacher told us that good readers must also be good writers. One of the games that we enjoyed the most is a game called “Write the Room” wherein we try to locate for the word our teacher says around the classroom, then copy it on our notebooks.

IMG_4535 IMG_4541 IMG_4547

Reading our passwords is also not enough! We also wanted to learn how to write it. Slowly, we are learning how to spell these words by finding the missing letters. So far, we are doing an awesome job!

IMG_4507 IMG_4508

Another way we incorporate writing to our daily routine is linking it with our other topics. Recently our class talked about Arctic Animals. These are animals that live in the Arctic region.

IMG_7940 IMG_7941 IMG_7948 IMG_7949

After building our own Arctic Home and making our Arctic Animals out of clay, we labelled our animals on a post-it. We enjoy labelling our works.


One of the most important areas in our classroom is the Word Wall. It is where we put words that we know how to spell in alphabetical order. When we have trouble spelling words that we have learnt, we take a look at the word wall, try to locate the word by identifying its beginning sound and then copying it on our papers. It’s not only a great way to practice our writing, but as well as our reading skills.



IMG_4573 IMG_4580 IMG_4582

Recently, we have also been using our own Dictionaries. Our teacher showed us different types of dictionaries from the school library. These are books that are also in alphabetical order just like our word wall and would show us how to spell and define certain words. This book, unlike our story books, has more words than pictures.

IMG_7931 IMG_7934e decided to make our own dictionaries wherein we would write new words that we learn and also drawing a small picture or symbol on the side to help us remember what the word is in case we forget.



We have also been practicing how to write sentences. Sentences are a group of words. We really challenge our selves to sound out and spell each word and letter sound found in sentences. Can you believe we can do this even if we’re just 4 and 5 year olds?

IMG_4557 IMG_4559



Writing sentences is pretty easy for us! Soon, we hope to write our own books and show everyone what good writers we are!

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