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Pre-K’s Pet Day!

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 We have been learning all about Animals in our Science class. Our class decided to wrap up our topic by celebrating Pet Day wherein we were all able to showcase everything we know about pets.

IMG_8656IMG_8665IMG_6617 IMG_6635

We started our day with our Golden Time wherein we had the opportunity to talk about the pet we brought in.

IMG_6663 IMG_6671 IMG_6676

Those of us who didn’t have pets brought in a picture or stuffed animal of a pet that we would like to have.


IMG_8670IMG_8672IMG_6682 IMG_6688 IMG_6693 IMG_6697 Owning a pet is a big responsibility. We realized that it’s almost the same as taking care of our baby brothers and sisters. Like babies, pets need to be loved and cared for as well. We showed each other how we take care of our own pets.  IMG_6704 IMG_6713 IMG_6722

IMG_8674 IMG_6729

Like humans, pets need food, water, and shelter as well. We learned that if pets don’t receive the things that they need to survive then they can get really sick.IMG_6749


IMG_6770 IMG_6762 IMG_6765
IMG_8684We also got to meet our new class pet turtle. We decided to name him “Cutie”. We promised our teacher that we will make sure to take care of him everyday. This means giving him food, and also changing the water in his house. 
IMG_6774 IMG_6778 IMG_6782 IMG_6784

One of the activities we enjoyed during Pet Day was the baking activity. Here, we were able to measure ingredients and as well as observe how a simple cookie dough can turn hard and edible just by putting it in an oven.

IMG_6786 IMG_6788 IMG_6793 IMG_6795 IMG_6797

It was so much fun mixing ingredients! We wished we had more baking activities at school.IMG_6808 IMG_6811 IMG_6813 IMG_6814 IMG_6817

After mixing all the ingredients we needed for our cookie dough, we put it in the fridge for about an hour. We then rolled the dough and used different cookie cutters related to animals to form fun cookie shapes. IMG_6819 IMG_6821 IMG_6827 IMG_6829 IMG_6832 IMG_6835

Of course, we can’t just make plain cookies! We had to decorate it as well with coloured sugar icing!


IMG_6869The hardest part was waiting for the icing to dry, but we all remained very patient.  Yummy yummy! IMG_6843IMG_6852 IMG_6857


The rest of our day was dedicated to caring and playing with our pets. Having pets is quite a handful! Our teacher told us that playing with pets is important because it keeps them happy. None of us wanted our pets to get sad.




IMG_8694We also taught our friends how to make sure our pets are clean and that they lived in a clean place. This meant having to clean their pee and poo! It wasn’t something we would normally do at home but we realized what an easy task it was after all.
IMG_6881 IMG_6903

IMG_6907 IMG_6909 IMG_6912IMG_6920IMG_8650

We continued to play and nap with our pets the entire afternoon. They were quite a handful at some point.


IMG_8709 IMG_8712


Pet Day was so much fun! We wish we can take our pets with us to school everyday!

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