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Service Fair: Car Wash Day

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We have been learning all about Economics in our Social Studies class. One of the topics we talked about is Money. We talked about how money in itself is not really a need. However, in order to have the things that we need everyday, we would need to pay with money. To have money, one must earn it. We learned that we can earn money by either selling items or by providing service to other people. For our Service Fair, our class decided to host a Car Wash Shop!


We first designed our posters and we made sure that all the details were included- the What, When, and Where. We learned that it is important to advertise a service so that people can know more about it. Posters should also look nice so that people can find it interesting. If posters are not well decorated and are not enticing enough, then people will not bother reading it.


We also went around school to talk about our posters. A lot of teachers wanted to have their cars washed, but since we had limited time, we were only able to accommodate three cars.


We expected to get wet and soapy so we wore our swimming clothes during the car wash.


Washing cars isn’t easy. We had to make sure all parts of the car was cleaned – even the wheels and windows.


We tried our best not to put soap on ourselves but we simply couldn’t resist!


We almost gave up, but then we remembered how earning money means working hard and not giving up just because the job gets tough.



By the end of the Car Wash, we issued receipts to our teachers who had their cars washed.


IMG_2223We earned a total of 300 pesos! We can’t wait to do this again!

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