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Germs make me sick!

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With the rise of the cases of Corona Virus all over the world, our class decided to take extra precautionary measures here at school. Since the beginning of school year, our teacher emphasized on the importance of proper hand-washing in relation to our health. We all want to be healthy since we hate missing out on school.



We read the book “Germs make me sick” and we learned so much about germs and how it spreads without us knowing it. We learned so much from this book and afterwards, we became very cautious about the things we touch and things we do with our hands. Germs are not good for our bodies!



We decided to conduct an experiment using bread. For bread number 1, it was placed in the plastic using clean, uncontaminated tissue. Number 2 was rubbed on the classroom tables. Number 3 was touched with dirty hands. Number 4 was touched using hands that were properly washed with soap and water then dried. Number 5 was touched after using the hand sanitizer then dried. We will wait for some time to find out what happens to the bread. We want to find out about germs, even though we cannot see it! What do you think will happen?


We also make sure that we wash our hands frequently, especially before eating! We don’t want those silly germs in our mouths!

We also use gel sanitizer which can be seen around the school. IMG_0942Our classrooms also have liquid sanitizers that we use frequently. We really enjoyed learning about germs and how we can prevent it from going to our bodies! What do you do to keep your self healthy and free from germs?

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