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Social studies

The grade 4 students are learning about the Pre-colonial Philippines time period.  They are building their own Barangay to demonstrate the way of life, the infrastructure and architecture of that time period.  They are doing so with incredible attention to detail.  These students show so much creativity and critical thinking, and it is displayed in this project.unnamed (66)unnamed (64)unnamed (63)unnamed (62)unnamed (68)unnamed (61)unnamed (67)

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Social studies: Environmental problems and solutions

As the world celebrated “Earth day” on the 22nd of April, the Grade 4 class looked at both sides of the coin.  They have identified some of the problems that is causing environmental issues.  They also looked towards possible solutions for these problems that the environment is facing.  All came to the same core solution, “We all have a role to play”

This lesson teaches the students about accountability and responsibility.  The change starts with me.

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In the spirit of collaboration on “Environmental awareness” and the “International Earth day” on 22 April, the Grade 4 learners spent some time doing research on the topic of “Endangered species”.  After they conducted their research, they wrote a very in depth information piece on the endangered species, and then displayed it in a beautiful booklet.  This was a very successful exercise to teach about research and information essays, since the students enjoyed the topic so much.

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Social studies: Interculturism

Students learning about the art and meaning of Mandalas. An Art form well known in Hinduism and Buddhism. The students learn to appreciate different cultures, by exploring Arts.  Students add their own touch of individualism to create a unique Mandala to suit their own personality.

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Dramatic reading

Grade 4 students displaying a lot of talent and creativity during a dramatic reading class.  The students wrote their own version of the ending of a favorite story by J.K Rowling “The tale of the three brothers”

dramatic readingunnamed (43)

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Social studies: Ancient India

Grade 4 learners working in groups.  Using  natural elements, to create a three dimensional map of the  Indus Valley.  I found that with this activity the learners really enjoyed learning geography, and the information was retained through experimental and creation learning.  Well done everyone!unnamed (1)  unnamed (2)unnamed (3)unnamed (7)

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Let’s get started

Hi!  My name is Rouzelle Coetzee and I will be the homeroom teacher of Grade 4 – RC.  I will be teaching English Language Arts and Social Studies this semester.

I would like to start off by giving some information about myself.  I was born in a small town of Keetmashoop in Namibia.  I grew up on a farm in the Karasberg Mountains and come from a long line of educators.  Both my grandparents and parents were teachers.

I received my teaching degree at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

My teaching philosophy is ‘Every child matters’.  After spending two weeks here in Chinese International School Manila, I could see how each student in Grade 4 is unique.  My goal is to enhance each child’s individuality as I go along.  I look forward to working with all parents and students in fulfilling this goal and as our beloved President Nelson Mandela said,

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Thank you!



Ms. Rouzelle

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