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Amazing May

We are down to the last month of the school year and the students also had a lot of wonderful activities in school. These activities did not only create memorable experiences for them but also showcased their talents and their learning across the different subjects.

One example is the Market Day wherein the kids planned and created their own shopping booths of various types. Some sold food items and the others sold school supplies. Grade 1RM had Sausage Factory which sold sausages, Tea to Go which sold iced tea, Papa’s Pizza sold two flavors of pizza and Sticker World sold different stickers. They had fun making posters, business cards and advertising to the other students their products.

IMG_20190411_125733 IMG_20190411_130617 IMG_20190411_125712 IMG_20190411_125656



During the Market Day itself, the students from different grade levels bought from the booths. The Grade 1RM kids learned how to give change and count their money. They also learned how to tally their sales. It was a very successful event.


IMG_20190502_090906 IMG_20190502_091612 rbt rbt


One of the activities for Grade 1 is their annual field trip. This year, we went to Avilon Zoo. In there, we saw many animals and we learned a lot of different things about them. We also learned fun facts about the different cities we passed by during the trip. There was never a dull moment when we are with friends while we are learning new stuff!


IMG_20190517_093137 IMG_20190517_092512 IMG_20190517_110013


The students’ last activity was the Festival of the Arts. They performed thru singing and dancing. They also had fun going around the school for the different exhibits prepared for them by the upper school students. It was an event full of exciting and wonderful activities.

IMG_20190530_131045 IMG_20190530_130618 IMG_20190530_082927

Because of the students’ efforts on becoming the best that they can be, truly, this school year was AMAZING. We can say that we really had a fun-filled year. The kids can’t wait for the next grade level!


— As their homeroom teacher, I can’t help but feel really grateful and proud of these students. My wish for them is that they would always remember the good things that I taught them and put these into action. I am confident that they will go far and will be able to make our world a better place. Good luck on you journey, my very first 1RM batch! Thank you for making Ms. Rachel’s teaching life wonderful this year. I hope you will always remember me. See you around! :)


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A Super Fun-Filled April

It’s summer time in CISM and the activities are getting as intense as the heat!

As the children learn more and more things, they are also getting more and more creative and because of this, they are now confident to learn a lot of things and share their ideas to everyone around them better.

One of the activities that the kids had was the celebration of the English Week. The kids came to school wearing a costume of their chosen literary character. Everyone had so much fun talking about their characters and describing their unique characteristics.


To highlight the event, the students had a storytelling session in the library. They all had fun with the storytellers very animated way of narrating the stories to them. They even had a turn to talk with the storyteller and to ask questions about the books read.



We also celebrated the Math Week towards the last week of April. The kids enjoyed a series of wonderful activities that do not only test their Math skills but also unleashed their creativity. The kids made DIY watches to be displayed in a Math exhibit along with the other grade levels’ work. They also did a lot of Math activities in the classroom like problem solving, Math riddles, Sudoku puzzles and many more. Truly the kids enjoyed and practiced their Math abilities.

IMG_20190503_100934 IMG_20190410_152530

As the school year is almost ending, the students are booming into better individuals. The activities and the experiences that they are all having in school are amazing beyond compare. These things help them grow and mature to be ready for the next school year. We can say that we are ready for the last stretch of the school year!

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Marchin’ Through March

March has been a month full of exciting activities for the Grade 1 RM kids.

Part of our Science activity is the application of the concepts we learned from Heat, Sound and Light energy. For this, the kids experienced planning, designing and making their own instruments using recyclable materials found in their homes and classroom.

55944895_334714373844156_3197870397622059008_n 55793572_331646450817103_4397853035712217088_n 56162461_284990889111396_2624286036456374272_n 55587668_332664210788482_6753240597219246080_n


Also, the kids did a culminating activity with the Grade 1 DH class which is a shadow play. Through this activity, they were able to combine all the knowledge that they learned for all the Science topics. They had fun making their own puppets. They also had fun practicing with their groups in singing or stating their dialogues for their stories. This activity was really fun!

54799450_1223037234517453_8617813091574349824_n 55726300_588385791679722_7889986610744262656_n






Another special activity that the kids will never forget is the culminating activity for their Social Studies subject. The kids did chores that their parents paid for for a week. The money earned was used to buy groceries near our school. The students had to make a list for their grocery items. The kids brought their money and grocery list in the nearby supermarket to shop for their stuff. It was so fun because they were able to learn all about saving money and buying wisely. The kids all said the experience was awesome!

55845532_1006124696250941_8885630875442610176_n 55793622_828748067476374_795048658952257536_n 55465132_336001270242812_6830896513623785472_n


There will be two months left but surely, the kids will have more wonderful experiences to look forward to. Marchin’ through March was a breeze and we are all set for the next month! Way to go Grade 1!






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Lovin’ February

This February, love is in the air!

But this month is also full of wonderful activities that the kids LOVE!

First of these is the Chinese New Year celebration, where the kids watched the lion dance. They had fun with their encounter and at the same time getting candies that the dancers give them.




They also had a song presentation which the parents watched an enjoyed. They sang a Chinese song entitled, “Wu Lun Zai NA Li”. The kids loved the song and enjoyed performing it to everyone!


The kids also enjoyed doing a lot of Chinese inspired activities and crafts taught by the middle school and high school students! They learned a lot.



For our Science activities this month, we learned about sound energy and in line with this, the kids showed their creativity as they make their own instruments. At the end of the lesson, the kids made their own “band” and did a mini-concert wherein they will play their instruments while singing their chosen song. It was truly an amazing experience!

52806576_2264795720402480_8367261677531430912_n 52993934_318291302224334_7589842025378217984_n 52893263_391174424993278_5986094876205252608_n 52708462_379307995985222_6616117972383563776_n

The kids’ smiles because of their activities in CISM were immeasurable.

It goes to show that truly, there’s so much to love in February!





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Hello January!

New Year has started and the kids from Grade 1 RM are already having a blast because of the many fun things in store for them in school.

51010709_404947640049076_6103209438842191872_n 51363296_313902245926900_995178260746731520_n


Grade 1 RM Kids playing with Tangrams – a great activity to talk about how light can communicate 

For instance, we started out with a lot of Science experiments as we tackle lessons about light energy. In line with this, the kids are learning through discovery and creativity by doing the different activities done inside the classroom.




Grade 1RM making shadow art – a good follow-up about how light can communicate


January 30th is also the time when we celebrated 100 Days of School. In this event, we highlight the kids’ potentials as they get 100 Days smarter in class. They enjoyed doing different activities that cater to their different abilities that they use to learn in school.

50881469_294944394499317_551819339515297792_n 50936317_395119461292840_3097393833915187200_n 51056058_389996798474883_3256362178541780992_n

Now the Grade 1RM kids are ready to learn more and do more this 2019. As they wave goodbye to January, they are even more excited to grow and do more for the rest of the semester.

Great Job, Grade 1RM!


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November Fever

This month, we had the annual Book Week celebration last November 19-23.

The kids had fun reading books during DEAR time (drop everything and read) and was able to share their ideas to each other.

But probably the most special and the most memorable day for them is the Book Character Dress Up Competition wherein the kids came to school dressed as the characters of their chosen book.

They also had a Book Blurb wherein the kids acted out the story of their chosen book. Grade 1RM presented “The Grouchy Ladybug” by Eric Carle. The kids wore different costumes and portrayed the different characters from the said story. They were very enthusiastic at doing their part.

It was such a very extraordinary experience to have been part of this very nice activity. This had the kids really have the November Fever!

smartcapture smartcapture rbt smartcapture

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Fully-Loaded October

The first quarter has gone by so quickly, and now, we are ending it with a blast!

To start off, we had our celebration of Spirit Week, when we dressed up in different costumes each day. We came to school in meme costume on Monday, tropical attire for Tuesday, pajamas on Wake-up Wednesday, class theme “The Incredibles” for Thursday and our sports attire for Friday’s Sports Day. We played a lot of games at Sports Day. We had so much fun!

rbt rbt rbtfbt

We also had our very first Grade 1 Spelling Quiz Bee. We thought we will lose the contest but in the end, we won! Truly, practice makes perfect. We also had our picnic day as part of our Social Studies lesson about events in our neighborhood. We had a fiesta!

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We also had United Nations Day. We came to school wearing our traditional attires. During the program, we had our parade of costumes and everybody greeted using the language of the class’s chosen country. We chose Puerto Rico as our country and thus, we greeted in Spanish. Part of our program, was the students’ performance and the kids played instruments. They also went around the different stations for the cultural workshops. The kids also enjoyed eating different traditional food during the global potluck. It was truly an amazing event!

rbt btr



To cap off our October, we had our Halloween trick or treat in school. Again, we went to school in our Halloween costumes and we went to the different school offices for the trick or treat activity.

rbthdr rbthdr btr btr



It was a very tiring month, but what a way to end it!  It was indeed a fully-loaded October. :)




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A September To Remember

Perhaps there are many wonderful things that our first graders have been doing but a lot of these activities happened this September.

We had our first Science experiment this month. The children had an amazing time answering the questions, making predictions and exploring with the Scientific Methods. They also had fun observing the plants in our school garden and even experienced planting on their own.

42293469_1950968394970409_6692902955319820288_n 42307809_894788404053257_9187883173059493888_n

42261185_1015238588649568_4739973281354874880_n 42299148_2156652737937447_5451292459109711872_n



Playtime has always been exciting and fun for the kids. This is the time for them to make new friends and  just enjoy or relax after doing all the classroom activities assigned to them. With our newly renovated playground, the kids couldn’t hold their excitement especially during outdoor play.


42257189_1888544888120325_2221405017326223360_n 42194388_481554265660868_8365633708832587776_n 42195085_543518839403566_8250379876352131072_n42196873_325739581514292_2698837434535247872_n


Reading and Writing can never be more engaging than doing it every English Language Arts Subject. The kids love to share their ideas and putting these into writing with the aid of worksheets and the writing tools taught everyday. Surely, their writing skills were way better now than before, and will become more enhanced in the coming weeks!


42202790_509426669536741_2107083643720564736_n 42168947_720330771637023_1302761454591541248_n 42331114_1900478773378327_9173268288409436160_n 42228884_290505714895060_1162342133118533632_n 42245223_222548641947712_818275927988371456_n

To cap it off, our month ended with our celebration of the Mooncake Festival by playing the dice game. The kids all had their turn in rolling the dice in the bowl and in the end, each child brought home exciting prizes. It was really a blast!


42269264_304500503673577_4339317270032416768_n 42307807_1892456607505839_5612932007106445312_n


That’s all folks and see you again next month for more exciting and fun activities!

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Welcome Back to School Grade 1-RM!

August 1, 2018


Dear Parents,

Welcome to First Grade! I hope you all had an amazing summer break.

I am Rachel Mendoza and I will be your child’s homeroom teacher this year. This is my first year in Chinese International School Manila and my eleventh year in the profession. I taught Kindergarten in Xavier School Inc., San Juan City for ten years and have handled several other grade levels including Grade 1, 4 and 5 respectively during clubs and mentoring activities. I graduated Cum Laude at Philippine Normal University holding a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree.

I am very excited to have your child in my class. I am looking forward to our partnership as we develop in your child creative, critical and reflective thinking to enforce open-mindedness and confidence in achieving greater goals in life. This year will be filled with many fun, engaging and collaborative activities that will foster the values mentioned above.

On the following pages are a few general guidelines for the Grade 1 – RM Class, as well as the class schedule.

I believe that communication is the key to your child’s success and to a great parent-teacher relationship. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. You may email me at rmendoza@cismanila.org, send me a note via your child’s homework notebook, or set an appointment through the school office (at 02 7980011). I look forward to meeting you and working with you in ensuring your child’s success this year.


Yours truly,


Rachel S. Mendoza

Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

  • http://www.deped.gov.ph/