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IB Psych S2/H2: Simple Experimental Study

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Psychology 12 students opened their senior year with a simple experimental study, an internal assessment for IB Psychology.

SL and HL students grouped themselves accordingly and conducted separate experiments, with our high school students serving as participants.  Before proceeding with this quarter-long activity, proposals were presented to me and Mr. Jourdan Gan, our IB Coordinator and a fellow IB Psych teacher, to ensure that all participants will not be subjected to any unethical practice and that the researchers are on track.


HL presentation of Nikka, Pam, and Nandika doing a Glanzer and Cunitz, 1966


SL group of Ben and John doing a Loftus and Palmer, 1974

Both focused on Cognitive Psychology, the SL group worked on the reconstruction of automobile destruction while the HL group worked on recency effect in free recall.


HL students conducting an experiment on serial position effect


“Researchers” in action.

For the SL experimental study, a speed racing video  was used to apply the theory of reconstructive memory.

Now working on the finishing touches of their write-up, these students are ready to move to the Options chapter of the curriculum, starting off with Abnormal Psychology in the second quarter.



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