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Grade 5: Roman Aqueducts

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For the First Quarter, the Grade 5 students have been learning about Ancient Rome and Christianity. The kids enjoyed participating in simulations (Patricians, Plebeians, and Slaves), arts and crafts (Punic War clay coin), and film-viewing (Hannibal Barca and Teded videos).


However, it was the first time we did an experiment! I came across this interesting STEM challenge of building a Roman aqueduct from Pinterest ( I’m grateful for this activity since it could help the kids realize the monumental task of building aqueducts.


The class was divided into three groups and were given a set of materials to work on. The objective was to build a leak-proof aqueduct with three pathways. The kids had such a wonderful time that they couldn’t stop working on their aqueducts even after the set time! They wanted to keep on improving it. All groups had leaks on them, however, it was amazing to see the water we poured flow into the different pathways! More importantly, it’s such a fulfilling sight to see the kids work and brainstorm together and find ways to modify their creations.


aqueduct aqueduct1

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