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Applying Economics

When students comes in to class, usually the usual subjects that they would love to be good at is either Math, English or Science, sometimes Physical Education, Art or Music. Sometimes, something that is really fun like Chemistry or Biology or a practical one like Physics. Most actually wants to get away with Social Sciences like Political Science, Anthropology, International Relations, History and probably most of all Economics.

Well, we could blame them for their choices, don’t worry, Social Science is not my favorite subject when I was in high school, and it was surprisingly Chemistry! You can’t blame me since most often or not, I am interested in one of man’s obsession, the magic potion for love. Yes! I know, I am  just crazy in following such thoughts! Well, in my mind, it is one of those crazy dreams that I want and will still looking in my retirement.

But what makes me wonder and choose Economics and other Social Sciences? Why I didn’t pursue it?

There are several reason to this, but the important for is that, when I started meeting the subject, it seems that I could actually hit two birds at one stone. How?

In studying Social Sciences, I learned that I don’t simply need to master one subject but have to learn how to be dependent on other subjects as well. This is known as Interdependence. For example, the usual method, History was taught using historical dates, names and places. You have to memorize a book full of names and will end up not remembering anything at all. Well, that is what we experience before. But now, modern means of teaching which involves different subjects like Math, Science, English and sometimes Psychology. It plays a major role in changes in terms of teaching. The important aspect of an event became a focus and pins down underlying understanding and skills each student must have to remember. It is like getting all those things in a nutshell, the very significance of everything in human history with all the subject being used in order to understand the past, the present and may help predict the future.

But wait, I am not here to touch the Social Sciences more but would like to talk a branch of it that I think is very important to learn,(which I think I might find a solution someday-remember the potion thing?!!).

To run through, Economics is a Social Science that deals with the study on how choices affects behavior and make choices. This choice has an impact on him, his family, friends, countrymen and the world. On the other hand, Chemistry is a science that deals with the structure and properties of substances and the chances they go through (don’t worry is not about Stoichiometry, the Hydrocarbons, the Lipids, the Carbohydrates nor the Fatty Acids).

Well, how those two worlds could actually collide?

It actually boils to one thing-Human Behavior. (I know behavioral Economics is coming in the IB 5 years from now! But don’t worry, you may not have it!)

In Economics, choice is essential, since resources are not readily available. (I know, there would be people asking, how about the richest people? You have to consider that they only represent the 1% of the population. Even, the richest man like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, does not have all the resources and I think you know what it might be…Aha…Ok…Keep on guessing…Aha..You are so close…

Alright, let’s cut the chase, one of the resources that everyone does not have even the richest man in the world is TIME…(Some may say, it is still relative!!!) Anyway, you may agree or disagree but I will use this one as part of the diagram I will be using later. Yes, DIAGRAMS!!!

How about Chemistry? One of the enduring problems is that, are we capable of making someone falling in love? Is there any potion that could make our crush or beloved person to be with us by formulating a combination of compounds? I will use the concept of LOVE and use the different biochemical’s that we produced when these emotions have.

Let us start with a simple illustration of the diagram.



The Vertical Axis in Economics is usually represented by price, in the above diagram; I use time or the interest of target as my independent variable. On the horizontal axis, we usually use quantity (demanded or supplied); I use the amount of effort any individual will use in order to pursue his or her person of interest.

It could be seen in the diagram that as effort increases,(demand or supply) the initial response is that individuals tends to have a lesser interest which is represented by P2  and Q2 in the diagram. This simply shows that individuals who tend to have more effort will result to have lesser attention to be given by the person that they are pursuing. As the effort decreases,(demand or supply) the response is that individuals tends to have a more interest which is represented by P3  and Q3 in the diagram. This simply shows that having a little interest to someone you meet, that people around you find too attractive, must not be given too much attention for they already know that people around them will find them attractive. People being ignored in a selected few in the crowd will have a tendency to be curious why the few chose not to be put or give attention on them.

It is said that having too much and too less is bad for everything, but once we have exact quantity of time and quality of effort being given to the one we like, it will result to an equal opportunity which may in turn equal interest. This equilibrium may be the start of a journey as couple or being in a relationship.

Where is the Chemistry?

When you start to like someone; oxytocin, dopamine, adrenaline and even testosterone levels actually change.

If a guy for example exerted an effort to impress a girl, there is a tendency that the quality and the quantity of the effort are being measured. There is a tendency that if it goes beyond, the other party will either be bored which will result to rejection. There are cases that if It lacks, the pursued party may look for more.  This will now create the imbalances. But if the pursuer finds the right quantity and quality (equilibrium), both parties will exhibit satisfaction. This behavior is greatly affected by oxytocin or the love hormone (cuddle hormone).

If the pursuer wants the pursued to be interested by increasing the oxytocin level, simple gesture like making them smiles, making them happy by various methods or effort. There is a big chance the one being pursued will eventually release signals in a form of behavioral changes like sweaty hands and even dilated pupil. This is due to adrenaline and dopamine.

Making someone happy through our simple gestures like and time listening to the one we like will increase the chance that they appreciate our effort and reate biochemical changes in the body. When someone is happy, oxytocin is released and as a result will make an individual fall in love.