Kids always have a lot of questions. “What’s this?…What’s that?” And the most difficulty question of all…”Why???” But questions are a good thing, right? It means we are curious. It shows we are thinking and we want to learn.

When we were talking about the Sun and the Heat, one of our queries in class was: What warms up faster? Is it the land or water? 

Good thing our Head of Schools, Mr. Tim Boulton has such great passion for Science and he has volunteered to do an experiment with class to answer this question.

More importantly he guided the First Graders on how to conduct an experiment and follow the Scientific Method, stressing on the most important points: IMG_1337

  • Safety is EVERYTHING. Practice safety when doing experiments. This is not a game.
  • Start with the problem: What do we want to know?
  • Make a hypothesis - (now, this is a long word but it only means…): A smart guess
  • Experiment and Observe
  • Record data and Analyze
  • Conclusion: Go back to the problem and answer it.

So which do you think warms up faster: the water or land?

Doing the experiment just once isn’t enough. You could do the experiment as many times as you can to check if you get the same result.

  • Posted on 10. December 2017
  • Written by T. Red
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ChristmasIMG_1409 is just around the corner. As such, it is the most opportune time to spread happiness by sharing what we have with others.

For our Service Learning Event, CISM has partnered with MOVEd for two consecutive years. Grade levels from Nursery up to Fourth Grade had the pleasure of spending time with the students from MOVEd. They showed the little ones around, became good buddies, shared their school and work places, shared snack with them, and participated in numerous activities with – such as Arts & Crafts, Sandwich Making, and a Puppet Show.

It was such a wonderful sight seeing our first graders become thoughtful and responsible hosts. And, an even wondrous picture seeing the children from MOVEd open-up and smile when they received their gifts. At the end of the day, those smiles stay in your mind’s eye and warms up your heart.


  • Posted on 7. December 2017
  • Written by T. Red
  • Categories: Grade 1-TR
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