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All about Shapes and Measurement

Math may seem intimidating for some, but this is definitely not the case for the Kindergarten YM students. They look forward to having Math class each and every day!

For the month of November, we focused on shapes and measurement.

First off, they described and sorted the different shapes.

20191127_151237 20191127_151225 20191127_151230 20191127_151234

The kids also formed shapes using toothpicks. It was so much fun to do!

20191127_151146 20191127_151137 20191127_151154


After learning all about the shapes, we used them to make different things. Shapes are truly all around us.

20191127_151205 20191127_151216

Aside from shapes, we practiced measuring length and height using nonstandard tools. We used a variety of classroom materials to measure everything around us.


We even measured and compared our heights! We got to know who the

20191127_125616 20191127_125806 20191127_124557 20191127_124847 20191127_125322

Using different materials really make Math much more enjoyable and interesting. Looking forward to many more fun activities that help us learn new knowledge and skills.

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Outstanding October

We had a lot of activities this past month. Look at the pictures and see what we did for October!

In Social Studies, we learned all about the cultures of each and every one of us in the classroom. We discussed the flags, food, fashion and festivals. We even had a chance to eat and make food!

We shared food from our home countries.

We shared food from our home countries.


Making pastillas.


Yummy pastillas!

In Science, we learned about the moon. We used Oreos to form its different phases.

Oreo moons!

Oreo moons!

In Math, we went around the school to look for objects with different shapes.

Drawing our observations.

Drawing our observations.


Looking for shapes.


Working on our activity on shapes.

Aside from our lessons, we also learned a lot in our school events for this month: the United Nations Day and Halloween Celebration!


Looking cute for UN Day!


Ready to do our best in the UN Day performance.


Learning about the United Kingdom through drawing and coloring.


Listening to the upper school students talk about the USA.


Games make learning about the USA much more fun!


The upper school students shared information about Australia.


Ready for Halloween!


Working on our Halloween hats.


Making sure to follow the directions in making a bat hat.


Pin the spider on the web!


Hit the pumpkins!


Feeding the monster.


We decorated our Halloween bags.


Snacks with the Early Years!


Trick or Treat! Give us something good to eat.

We had a busy October, but it surely was a lot of fun. Yay!

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Learning all about Reading and Writing!

ELA is one of the core subjects in Kindergarten. Our goal for the school year is to let the student learn how to read simple books and to write their own short stories and narratives independently. How do we help them reach this goal?

We have story telling activities twice a week. Their listening and reading comprehension are developed through discussions about the book and engagement activities. Genres, authors, illustrators and photographers are also introduced to the students each time we have this activity. Vocabulary and grammar lessons are also integrated in these sessions, as well.

IMG-16eb9dcd703434087c9168fefd7fec8c-V 20190925_111635 20190925_111619



Love for reading is also being encouraged through our partnership with the Library. The students truly have a blast during their Library sessions with our librarian, Ms. Gay.


Aside from listening to stories, we also practice reading by reviewing the letters and learning new sight words. Our word wall is full of words we thought of when we were discussing the different letters. Some of these words were actually spelled by the students themselves! 20190926_130001

We have fun games to help us further practice our reading and spelling skills.

IMG-7c7fd60fd529ecfa3bf3aff8ebd280d2-VIMG-a6f97e185f8ad0c0d9804f86006ac310-VIMG-036f000c7f826d55d01a93128f646373-V IMG-7001e6fefe6f561e3cbac9a997e8801a-VIMG-c07611de3332bc136ad31a504e3ebe6b-V


The students also love answering worksheets! They get to see how they can improve in their skills as they answer. Feedback is always given each and every time they finish a task.

IMG-450a85eabd0b18bea41d2af1bd04d1e2-V IMG-5a8ce18cb41c73d480e75726fed8ffc6-V

Learning how to read and write independently does not happen overnight. However, with the all the activities we have here in the classroom, the students will surely grow to be great readers and writers in the future.

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Welcome to School Year 2019-2020!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to school year 2019-2020!

The school year has a lot in store for us. Exciting times ahead! I look forward to getting to know you and your children. I believe our collaboration will result to an engaging and fruitful learning experience that will benefit the children in Kindergarten YM.

I am Yna Maria U. Mendez and I will be your partner in helping your children learn and develop new skills this school year. I have been teaching for eight years and this is my third year here in Chinese International School Manila. Prior to CISM, I served as a Kindergarten teacher at Xavier School San Juan for six school years. Aside from teaching, I also write books. I currently have three published textbooks under DIWA Publishing. I graduated cum laude from the University of the Philippines, Diliman with a specialization in Special Education. I also have credits in Educational Psychology from the same institution.

I have always believed in student-centered learning in my years as an educator. With this in mind, I go for activities that would elicit self discovery, curiosity, and collaboration.

In our journey to acquire new sets of knowledge and skills, please be assured that I am here to guide and help your children reach their aspirations and goals. Together, we may communicate through your child’s assignment notebook or e-mail (


Looking forward,

Kindergarten YM

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Moving Forward!

As we approach the end of the year, the students were able to showcase their skills and talents.

We wrapped up our lessons. In ELA, we read and wrote independently. In Social Studies, we learned the importance of learning economics in our daily lives. In Science, we explored the sources and uses of light. We had fun looking for shadows! In Math, we measured different objects using the things we use everyday.

20190509_130359 20190509_131334 20190507_131744 20190507_131755 20190507_13182820190510_08000620190510_08002320190510_08002820190510_08004920190510_08010520190510_08011220190510_08012120190510_08015120190510_08021120190510_08022820190508_13163320190508_13170520190508_13170920190508_13174020190508_131746

We already started to practice for our Moving Up presentation. The students did their best each and every time!

20190530_100016 20190527_120831 20190528_074424 20190528_113220

As a culminating activity of the special subjects, we celebrated the Festival of the Arts. The students sang and danced to show what they have learned in Music and PE. Their words in Visual Arts and Digital Literacy are displayed all around the school.

20190530_082515 20190529_101424 20190529_101427

Aside from showcasing their work, the students were also able to see what the Middle School and Upper School students worked on through the Maker’s Fest. They had a lot of fun!

20190530_132917 20190530_134256 20190530_134332 IMG-2ee26fb37022487e39165171443f8cb9-V IMG-5e445cce91b74712998e39295cca0591-V IMG-39d3d5fe0d925012e9b4dfa792a87544-V IMG-e5b5e1392babdbac0e2a6fd93e93da88-V IMG-fc3104c657a8f048ff7c988fb79b0942-V 20190530_130418 20190530_130424 20190530_131246 20190530_132544 20190530_132601 20190530_132611 20190530_132620 20190530_132623 20190530_132732 20190530_132848

May was truly a great month to cap off our school year. It showed how ready the students are for Grade 1. It was a great pleasure to work and play with a marvelous bunch of students. I hope they keep letting their light shine as they move up to the next level!


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April was A-okay!

April has been the busiest month of the school year.

The kids are gearing up for Grade 1. They are becoming much more headstrong and independent. This is apparent in the various activities they do in the classroom.20190403_08491320190403_08492720190403_08494020190404_111830 20190404_111758 20190404_111804 20190404_111807 20190404_111815

We celebrated Easter this April, as well. The kids had a blast looking for the Easter eggs in the playground.

20190408_090252 20190408_090256 20190408_090741(0)

They also had fun dressing up for the English Week celebration.

20190410_083250 20190410_083303 20190410_083314 20190410_083325 20190410_083630 20190410_120422 20190410_120914 20190410_083224

Most of Kindergarten YM also joined the school play, Into the Woods, Jr. It was a great experience for the kids!

20190411_090358 20190411_090827

The most exciting event for April was our field trip to Museo Pambata. It was a lot of fun to explore different exhibits.

20190426_074630(0) 20190426_074638 20190426_072626 20190426_074557 20190426_074602 20190426_074615 20190426_07462120190426_09545220190426_10020820190426_08470320190426_08511920190426_09075620190426_09103420190426_09111820190426_09134320190426_09344320190426_09414420190426_095109

We capped off the month by having our assembly. The kids showed how we can be risk-takers!


We had a lot of work for April, but it sure is fulfilling! We can’t want for our last stretch in Kindergarten. We wonder what else these kids have in store for us in the future.

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Marching On!

March was a month of development. The students worked hard to be better in everything that they did.

We started the month with our Sports Day. It was a lot of fun playing games. It was also a great time for us to learn and practice sportsmanship.

20190301_080041 20190301_080038


March is also a special month for our early readers. It is the birthday month of our beloved Dr. Seuss. The students celebrated by watching a puppet show and making a Dr. Seuss-inspired artwork.

20190305_121108 20190305_12140720190305_12244820190305_124750

The students were also given a chance to share what they know about reusing, reducing and recycling to the Grade 2 ML students. They were nervous prior to and during the presentation. However, they shared how they felt fulfilled and accomplished afterwards.


In the classroom, the students also had a chance to creatively apply their lessons. They wrote stories in ELA. They practiced how to write their own word problems in Math. In Social Studies, they made campaign posters to understand how leaders get elected. The students made charts and mobiles to encourage them predict the weather in Science.

20190326_132036 20190326_132034

20190326_102048 20190326_102059 20190326_102101 20190326_102018


We made a lot of progress this month. It made us more excited to march on to the next month!

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February Flew By So Quickly!

February is the shortest month of the year. However, it is also one of our busiest month of the school year.

We kicked off the month by celebrating Chinese New Year.

The students enjoyed watching the lion dance. The dancers went to the classroom, and it was clearly the highlight of their day.

20190204_075621 20190204_080221 20190204_083919

The students also performed a special dance for the celebration!


They also had activities like dragon art and milk tea making.

20190204_120719 20190204_120734 20190204_120934


20190204_125220 20190204_125224 20190204_125232 20190204_125721

Aside from celebrating, the students of Kindergarten YM also showed independence and desire for learning.

In ELA, They initiated drills on sight words.

20190214_090416 20190214_091146 20190213_090931


They also had an interesting time writing questions, and using these to know their classmates better.

20190212_090128 20190212_090115

In Science, we learned about what makes up our planet. The students observed their surroundings. They also described the different things they found.

20190212_075911 20190212_075915 20190212_075957 20190212_080054 20190212_081217 20190212_081225 20190212_081236

In Social Studies, we learned about our roles in the school and in the community. It made the students aware of their responsibilities. It also encouraged them to be better individuals.

Image result for responsible children clipart



In Math, we practiced adding and subtracting two-digit numbers. The students showed persistence and hard work when answering drills, word problems and worksheets.

Image result for addition and subtraction two digit clipart

Time does really fly when you have fun. February has been short but the students were able to learn meaningful lessons. On to the next month for more adventures in learning!

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Happy 2019, Kindergarten YM!

Kindergarten YM welcomed the new year with an enthusiastic start!

We went back to work as soon as possible. The students were so excited to learn new things!

In Science, we kicked off our year with a planting activity. We planted seeds on both cotton and soil. They compared the difference in the growth of their two plants. The kids showed dedication in caring for their plants all throughout the month.

20190111_075726 20190108_080755 20190111_074752 20190111_075109(0)


We practiced counting and using bigger numbers in Math. We had a lot of fun learning because of our hands-on activities!


20190125_120737 20190111_132400

In ELA, the students get more independent in reading and writing. They enjoy sharing their thoughts and ideas about the books they read!

20190108_090441 20190108_090402 20190121_084824

We have also been discovering more about our beloved school. We also like getting to know the people we learn and play with.


We celebrated all your achievements this month by having a party for our 100 Days of School!

We started our 100th day by stretching and exercising.

20190130_090119 20190130_090428 20190130_085753

We rested and ate together in the playground.


We played games and did art activities to commemorate our achievements after 100 days.

20190130_10060820190130_101636 20190130_103648 20190130_103656 20190130_110711 20190130_141206

We definitely made our January count. We hope February will be as awesome!


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November to Remember

November was one of the busiest month this year. We had to prepare and practice for Book Week. We also stepped up in our lessons in school.

For our Book Week presentation, we chose the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We sang a song by the Learning Station titled Hungry Caterpillar. The kids had a lot of fun singing and dancing. Their hard work paid off when they were announced the winner of the Book Character Dress-Up competition.

Aside from the students’ exemplary performance, the parents should also be recognized for their enthusiasm and generosity. They worked hard to provide the amazing costumes the kids wore.

20181123_092433 20181123_091227 20181127_132312


Aside from their performance, the students were also able to practice reading independently. They are becoming more and more confident with their reading skills.

First, they recalled the different kinds of words through relay games. They also had reading drills for simple words and sight words.


Consistent DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Time also encouraged them to read either with their friends or on their own.20181128_085033

The students showed expertise in addition and subtraction. They were able to make their own word problems by the end of November. 20181203_073821

Truly, November is a month to remember. It was a month of a lot of achievements. I wonder what is in store for December? We can’t wait to find out!