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Thirteen Days of November

November has been a month full of class suspensions and national holidays. Nonetheless, it has still been a month full of fun and learning with the Kindergarten YM students. We had the chance to apply what we learned about animals when we encountered a cat at the playground.

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Aside from that, we also had a chance to make wonderful stories with our groups.

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We read one of our favorite books, and did fantastic artworks inspired by the stories we read.

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We also had our Book week celebration last November. We had the chance to know more about the Indian culture by listening to the stories of Ms. Madhu Saini.


We had plenty of time to read on our own, too!


We performed a book blurb in front of the Early Years community. We recited a poem to summarize the book “The Kissing hand” by Audrey Penn.

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We practiced really hard to make sure our performance was great and memorable!

November went by so quickly. I wonder what’s in store for us this December? Let’s wait and see. It is bound to be a great month, too!