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Fun-filled February

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February was a busy month for us. We had a number of school events.

First off, we had our 100 Days Party!

What better way to start our 100th day of school with a parachute game.

20180208_081350 20180208_081449


All that playing got us very hungry. Good thing, we had our picnic next!



After eating, we had a lot of fun activities in celebration of how much we have learned after 100 days of school.



The best part was getting a medal for being smarter and wiser after 100 days.20180208_112202

We celebrated the Chinese New Year this month. We got scared of the big lions at first. But after they gave us candies, we were not anymore!



We practiced for our presentation really well.




Last but not the least, we had our Kindergarten Class Assembly! We presented the IB Learner Profile, Risk-Taker. While practicing for our different presentations, we learned how to be brave, to try out new things and to be proud of who we are.


February was a blast! We hope March will will be great, too!

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