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Marvelous March

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March just breezed by, but we surely had a lot of fun playing and learning.

First off, we became confident in writing down our thoughts.

20180322_13575220180309_103945 20180309_10390720180309_104728



We loved to invent things using our toys in the classroom.


The students also got very competitive in collecting Tetra Paks! For the third quarter, Trisha won the Tetra Pak Collector Award. Who will win next quarter? Continue  bringing Tetra Paks for a chance to win.


To end our Marvelous March, we celebrated Easter! We had a lot of fun looking for Easter eggs and in playing Easter games.

20180323_081108 20180323_080958 20180323_081002

20180323_110639 20180323_110706

It was truly a memorable month. Let’s now continue marching on to April to see what’s in store for us.

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