Kindergarten YM

All Set for the School Year

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Refreshed from the summer vacation, the Kindergarten YM students are ready for school!


They introduced themselves through sharing their self-portraits in class.

20180802_090048 20180802_090228 20180802_090315


They helped each other learn through pairwork.

20180903_133233 20180903_133200 20180903_133213 20180903_133220


They developed teamwork through fun games and activities!

20180906_124055 20180906_121631 20180906_121653 20180906_123401 20180906_123415


Learning abstract ideas became easier through puzzles and experiments.

20180910_075043 20180910_075053 20180910_075122 20180910_120459 20180910_120508 20180910_120515 20180910_120520


Reading books became more interesting with our friends!

20180913_091116 20180913_091120



We definitely had a blast! We are looking forward to what we will be doing in October.


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