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Monthly Archives: January 2019

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Happy 2019, Kindergarten YM!

Kindergarten YM welcomed the new year with an enthusiastic start!

We went back to work as soon as possible. The students were so excited to learn new things!

In Science, we kicked off our year with a planting activity. We planted seeds on both cotton and soil. They compared the difference in the growth of their two plants. The kids showed dedication in caring for their plants all throughout the month.

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We practiced counting and using bigger numbers in Math. We had a lot of fun learning because of our hands-on activities!


20190125_120737 20190111_132400

In ELA, the students get more independent in reading and writing. They enjoy sharing their thoughts and ideas about the books they read!

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We have also been discovering more about our beloved school. We also like getting to know the people we learn and play with.


We celebrated all your achievements this month by having a party for our 100 Days of School!

We started our 100th day by stretching and exercising.

20190130_090119 20190130_090428 20190130_085753

We rested and ate together in the playground.


We played games and did art activities to commemorate our achievements after 100 days.

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We definitely made our January count. We hope February will be as awesome!