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February Flew By So Quickly!

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February is the shortest month of the year. However, it is also one of our busiest month of the school year.

We kicked off the month by celebrating Chinese New Year.

The students enjoyed watching the lion dance. The dancers went to the classroom, and it was clearly the highlight of their day.

20190204_075621 20190204_080221 20190204_083919

The students also performed a special dance for the celebration!


They also had activities like dragon art and milk tea making.

20190204_120719 20190204_120734 20190204_120934


20190204_125220 20190204_125224 20190204_125232 20190204_125721

Aside from celebrating, the students of Kindergarten YM also showed independence and desire for learning.

In ELA, They initiated drills on sight words.

20190214_090416 20190214_091146 20190213_090931


They also had an interesting time writing questions, and using these to know their classmates better.

20190212_090128 20190212_090115

In Science, we learned about what makes up our planet. The students observed their surroundings. They also described the different things they found.

20190212_075911 20190212_075915 20190212_075957 20190212_080054 20190212_081217 20190212_081225 20190212_081236

In Social Studies, we learned about our roles in the school and in the community. It made the students aware of their responsibilities. It also encouraged them to be better individuals.

Image result for responsible children clipart



In Math, we practiced adding and subtracting two-digit numbers. The students showed persistence and hard work when answering drills, word problems and worksheets.

Image result for addition and subtraction two digit clipart

Time does really fly when you have fun. February has been short but the students were able to learn meaningful lessons. On to the next month for more adventures in learning!

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