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Marching On!

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March was a month of development. The students worked hard to be better in everything that they did.

We started the month with our Sports Day. It was a lot of fun playing games. It was also a great time for us to learn and practice sportsmanship.

20190301_080041 20190301_080038


March is also a special month for our early readers. It is the birthday month of our beloved Dr. Seuss. The students celebrated by watching a puppet show and making a Dr. Seuss-inspired artwork.

20190305_121108 20190305_12140720190305_12244820190305_124750

The students were also given a chance to share what they know about reusing, reducing and recycling to the Grade 2 ML students. They were nervous prior to and during the presentation. However, they shared how they felt fulfilled and accomplished afterwards.


In the classroom, the students also had a chance to creatively apply their lessons. They wrote stories in ELA. They practiced how to write their own word problems in Math. In Social Studies, they made campaign posters to understand how leaders get elected. The students made charts and mobiles to encourage them predict the weather in Science.

20190326_132036 20190326_132034

20190326_102048 20190326_102059 20190326_102101 20190326_102018


We made a lot of progress this month. It made us more excited to march on to the next month!

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