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April was A-okay!

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April has been the busiest month of the school year.

The kids are gearing up for Grade 1. They are becoming much more headstrong and independent. This is apparent in the various activities they do in the classroom.20190403_08491320190403_08492720190403_08494020190404_111830 20190404_111758 20190404_111804 20190404_111807 20190404_111815

We celebrated Easter this April, as well. The kids had a blast looking for the Easter eggs in the playground.

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They also had fun dressing up for the English Week celebration.

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Most of Kindergarten YM also joined the school play, Into the Woods, Jr. It was a great experience for the kids!

20190411_090358 20190411_090827

The most exciting event for April was our field trip to Museo Pambata. It was a lot of fun to explore different exhibits.

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We capped off the month by having our assembly. The kids showed how we can be risk-takers!


We had a lot of work for April, but it sure is fulfilling! We can’t want for our last stretch in Kindergarten.¬†We wonder what else these kids have in store for us in the future.

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