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Moving Forward!

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As we approach the end of the year, the students were able to showcase their skills and talents.

We wrapped up our lessons. In ELA, we read and wrote independently. In Social Studies, we learned the importance of learning economics in our daily lives. In Science, we explored the sources and uses of light. We had fun looking for shadows! In Math, we measured different objects using the things we use everyday.

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We already started to practice for our Moving Up presentation. The students did their best each and every time!

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As a culminating activity of the special subjects, we celebrated the Festival of the Arts. The students sang and danced to show what they have learned in Music and PE. Their words in Visual Arts and Digital Literacy are displayed all around the school.

20190530_082515 20190529_101424 20190529_101427

Aside from showcasing their work, the students were also able to see what the Middle School and Upper School students worked on through the Maker’s Fest. They had a lot of fun!

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May was truly a great month to cap off our school year. It showed how ready the students are for Grade 1. It was a great pleasure to work and play with a marvelous bunch of students. I hope they keep letting their light shine as they move up to the next level!


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