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Learning all about Reading and Writing!

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ELA is one of the core subjects in Kindergarten. Our goal for the school year is to let the student learn how to read simple books and to write their own short stories and narratives independently. How do we help them reach this goal?

We have story telling activities twice a week. Their listening and reading comprehension are developed through discussions about the book and engagement activities. Genres, authors, illustrators and photographers are also introduced to the students each time we have this activity. Vocabulary and grammar lessons are also integrated in these sessions, as well.

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Love for reading is also being encouraged through our partnership with the Library. The students truly have a blast during their Library sessions with our librarian, Ms. Gay.


Aside from listening to stories, we also practice reading by reviewing the letters and learning new sight words. Our word wall is full of words we thought of when we were discussing the different letters. Some of these words were actually spelled by the students themselves! 20190926_130001

We have fun games to help us further practice our reading and spelling skills.

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The students also love answering worksheets! They get to see how they can improve in their skills as they answer. Feedback is always given each and every time they finish a task.

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Learning how to read and write independently does not happen overnight. However, with the all the activities we have here in the classroom, the students will surely grow to be great readers and writers in the future.

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